Sunday, December 13, 2009

Uninor - Kolkata launch

Kolkata is a important place for real esate group Unitech. And I guess this metro is also important for Uninor, cheapest metro over nation - Kolkata needs special care. MTS did excellent tariff offer for Kolkata. Msaver95(local @1p/2s, std 1p/s for lifetime) is only for Kolkata !!!! 

Uninor Kolkata office

Unitech Wireless (Kolkata) Pvt. Ltd.
Unitech Wireless Victoria Park
Plot No 37/2, Block GN, Sector V
Saltlake Electronics Complex
Kolkata - 700091

Some source saying Uninor signal is ready over Sector V area of Saltlake. So I guess Uninor coming soon. But probably in January,2010 Orissa will get Uninor. Kolkata will get Uninor in February ! 

Per second calling - how good is it ?

Recently Uninor has rolled out GSM services with no second-billing which is a Tata-Docomo-set industry norm. Uninor said per-second billing(PSB) is not for all.

yes that's right , PSB is not for all. while earlier most operators offer onnet free calling @ 20p-5p/min , such offers are withdrawn. So for those make longer calls is now paying 60p/min (1p/sec) if opted PSB. Well Tata Docomo, MTS, Aircel, Idea have come with Rs30-Rs 45 STV for local calling @ 1p/2s.

Now PSB coming with lifetime validity or 1 yr validity. But my point is not that. I am not talking on cheaper STV with longer validity. It is fact STD calling is dropped to 50p/min due to Reliance. and Over India SMS rate is also 1p/sms ! but there is not much drop in local calling. It is ranging between 60p/min - 72p/min for Airtel, Vodafone! While Tata Docomo, Aircel, Idea cuts local calls @ 1p/2s for Rs 45 per month ! that's not cheap !!! 

So what do you see? there's still a place to drop local calls. As termination charge is 20p/min so I guess local calls could be 25p/min ! MTS Kolkata MSAVER95 which offers local calls @ 1p/2s (=30p/min) is alright. 'coz PSB must be costlier than PMB(per minute billing). 

what do you say ?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cheapest Tariffs in Kolkata Mobile Market

Voice Calls:

option 1 for long calls - Tata Indicom PAY PER CALL @ Re1/10min ; daily rental Re1 

option 2 for shorter calls & no daily rental : MTS Msaver Rs95 for all local calls@ 1p/2s , STD @1p/sec lifetime offer

option 3 for STD calling: Get Simply Reliance (gsm/cdma) plan @ 50p/min & 50p/sms (loc/std/roamin) , lifetime offer

or Virgin Mobile lifetime offer @Rs30(as I found in my area) - V2V 15p,V2O 30p [loc], std 50p roaming Re1/Rs1.50 as usual ! 

# local&STD calling> MTS is best as it is per second billing. but roamin charge is best on Reliance Simply50 Plan !

SMS charge:

Reliance rocks here with 1p/SMS with Rs 11 or take Rs30 pack for unlimited SMS for 1 month

MTS SMS pack for daily rental Re1, get 100 local & national SMS everyday ! 


Aircel beats all - Pocket Internet @ Rs98 unlimited (PC/Mobile use)

BSNL monthly Rs 230 works well if you stay in 3G enable areas, and use 3G n/w from n/w selection from your 3G handset menu !  

Reliance also comes with Rs 299 - 2 GB/month ! :) 


what is my choice?

MTS- call/sms

Aircel- mobile internet

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Tariff War : How Airtel Reacts

Tariff War is going on in India's wireless market and see how Airtel reacts to 'Mobile Tariff War' in recent times. (Using Kolkata circle's tariff)

In June 2009: Rs 102 STV offers all local calls @60p/min for 180 days

In September 2009: Rs 41 STV offers all local calls @50p/min for 1 yr.

In October 2009: Rs 64 STV offers all onnet local&STD calls @1p/sec and all offnet local&STD calls @1.2p/sec for 1 yr. (i.e. 60p/min onnet and 72p/min offnet !)

In November 2009: Rs 54 offers all local&STD calls @50p/min for 1 yr

In December 2009: Rs32 offers all local&STD calls @50p/min for 1 yr

So Airtel's trend is reduction in STV values & increase in tariff validity but no drastic reduction of tariff.

Airtel told that they will not response to tariff war, yes they don't. Bcz call rate/sms rate is still high on Airtel. While Reliance offers 1p/sms (local/national/on roaming) for monthly commitment of Rs11, Airtel charges Re1 for local & Rs1.50 for national sms ! But Airtel had to roll out Per-Second billing & slashed roaming rate also just to match others(Read Tata DocoMo & Reliance)! I guess if Reliance was not there, Indian Telecom market would not be like now! and Tata DocOMo did roll outPay-As-You-Use tariffs.

But see now local & STD call rate is same, so reduction in STD calls only , but local call rate still has space to be cut down ! Well MTS reached a bottom with 1p/2sec with Rs30/month and/or Rs95 for lifelong ! Termination charge is 20p/min , if it is lowered down, tariff will be more cheaper ! 

Friday, December 04, 2009

3G is Coming: Notes on Handset features

India got the taste of 3G mobile technology from MTNL and BSNL. Both of these telcos are Govt-owned, hence PSU. While MTNL is good in Mumbai & Delhi, BSNL in Kolkata metro is not that good. So I am waiting for private players to enter 3G market, and worst part is 3G auctioning is just like Khuror Kol of Sukumar Ray, It is just not happening out !!
I am waiting for private players' 3G, reason mainly is BSNL's pathetic service in Kolkata, and in my area BSNL has no 3G coverage. And most importantly I don't have a BSNL mobile connection and neither wana take one !
However I am moving beside the topic. I am here to post on 3G standards on Mobile handsets.
Please note for GSM, data services are on different technology like this :
WAP > GPRS > EDGE > 3G UMTS(2Mbps) > 3G HSPA(3.6Mbps) > 7.2Mbps > 10.2Mbps >21Mbps
that's it , when you buy a 3G handset have a look for UMTS or HSPA.

Thursday, December 03, 2009


Unitech Wireless, the joint televenture of India's real estate giant Unitech Group and Norway-based world's 6th largest telecom firm Telenor rolls out its GSM service under Uninor brand in 7 circles of India. Uninor is launched in Andra Pradesh, Bihar & Jharkhand, Tamilnadu & Chennai, Karnataka, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh (East & West). "The largest single day launch in telecom history.", as quoted in Twitter by Uninor guys.

Uninor enters India as 15th telecom brand, after Vodafone, Airtel, BSNL, MTNL, Loop Mobile, Idea Cellular, Reliance CDMA, Tata Indicom, Aircel, Reliance GSM, Virgin Mobile, MTS India, Tata DoCoMo, Ping Mobile. So Uninor is India's 10th GSM operator.

Uninor prepaid SUK comes for Rs 49 with lifetime validity and Rs 5 talktime. Uninor is giving bonus on 1st recharge, for eg, Recharge with Rs 50,100,150 and get talkvalue of Rs 55,115,175. 

Interestingly, Uninor does not follow the per-second billing, Tata Docomo-set industry's new norm, "Per-second billing is not the only feature that subscribers are looking at".

Uninor offers 2 plans - for those calls longer and for those who makes more calls. And these plans are quite confusing to understand.

Plan 1: TalkLonger 

Local calls @ 29p/min; STD calls @49p/min

here the story is for a call you have to pay 39p extra, for eg: if you talk for 10 min, you have to pay (10X29+ 39 )p= 329p. Similar for STD calls. To be brief, you have to pay (39+29)=68p for the first minute of any call(of any duration) and from the second minute it's just 29p/min. So if your habit is to call longer, opt it !

Plan 2: CallMore

local calls @29p/min; STD calls @49p/min

here the story is Daily Rental Rs.2 is applicable. To choose this plan simply dial *222*8*1# from your uninor mobile. 

SMS Rates on both Plans:

Local SMS 10p, U2U free 100 local SMS/day, while 1st offnet SMS everyday will be charged at 99p and therefore 10p. Nationa SMS is as high as Rs1.49

Points to be noted before you rushed to pick a new SIM:

  • No SMS pack compared to Tata DoCoMo(100 or more local & national sms free after 1st 2 charged daily)/Reliance (1p/SMS, be it local,national or you are roaming)
  • No cheaper Onnet calling pack
  • GPRS is not launched like DoCoMo came with GPRS.
  • #

Will I opt Uninor when it comes to Kolkata?

If uninor comes with such tariff, my answer is no! I am using MTS and Airtel now, and MTS Mcard95 gives me 1p/2s for all local calls and 1p/s STD calling for lifetime and SMSpack is worth of daily Re1 for 100 local & national SMS ! so no question about opting such tariff ! 

** Uninor Kolkata launch: February-March 2010

Watch the latest Uninor ads at


# From The Telegraph India - Telenor plans are basically of higher tariffs

Analysts said the tariff plans were more expensive compared with other operators. 

“Although local call rates are 29 paise, there is an additional fee which takes the total cost of a call to around 70 paise per minute, which is higher than some operators who are charging 30-60 paise per minute.”

Justifying the high tariff plans, Telenor Group CEO Jon Fredrik Baksaas said, “Our target market is mid-to-high- end customers.”

Telenor is also staying away from the per-second billing plan that most operators have recently announced. “Per-second billing is not necessarily a feature customers are looking for,” he said.

(Taken from


Now from my side something to write down 

Uninor said their target is mide-to-high-end customers, I am guessing Uninor targeting mid & high ARPU users. But why high users will move to a newcomer, whether it is coming from world's 6th largest operator. Rather high-end users will stick to reliable old Airtel or Vodafone.[ in Mumbai Indicom/Idea/Loop also serves well !] Moreover Uninor doesn't intend to bid for either the 3G or broadband wireless access spectrum, expected to be auctioned in January 2010. So if you use GPRS/EDGE now, you can't get better and faster internet on mobile in future from Uninor. Earlier Uninor officials told they will not intensify tariff war, and they do so. 

Uninor has targeted to achieve 8% market share by 2018 and EBITDA break-even in 3 years, and operating cash flow break-even in 5 years. So they are not aggressive with this operation.

But India's wireless market is to get more operator - pan India basis, Loop & Videocon and Etisalat & Batelco-owned Stel to be launched in some circles. While two global players yet to be launched tariff has to reduce more in some ways.

Medianama report says: "Uninor may have officially launched its services, but we get the feeling it hasn’t shown all its cards yet "



Hope this is last edit, I did visit Telenor Global website - , there is a seperate India operation section -

On the launch of Uninor in India, the press release says:

“Ab mera number hai”

Uninor will leverage from Telenor Group’s established marketing and design framework. As in several other markets where the Telenor Group is present, the brand follows Telenor’s brand strategy, combining the global position of the Telenor Group with a distinct local identity. Uninor’s tagline is “Ab mera number hai” or “My time is now”, set to target the young and ambitious individuals.

With this high tariff how they are targeting youth ! I have nothing left to comment ! 

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

my moVies liSt

hi guys this is MY MOVIE LIST. 

have a look how many movies I have downloaded from net. a small no. are also ripped/re-ripped by myself also !! ... 

i will edit this file regularly ! ..

Saturday, November 14, 2009


So Antaheen DVDs r out for sale .... and as well DVD-Rips r also out.  from DDR(Digital Desi Releaser) [I am not sure should I mention ripper's name, however on BWtorrents & Banglatorrents he is known as Debpk77] we have 2CD & 1CD rips, best of quality as usual.
Though 2CD rip (size 1400MB approx)is available only on Torrents, I have 1CD rip mediafire links: ********

(thanks to
BWTORRENTS LINK ****************************************
BANGLATORRENTS LINK ***************************************

links are removed as zero or less seeders are there.

use jDownloader (, to download one by one in a batch. when JD will analize the mediafire's single link which is given above,it will extract 8 segmented RAR files. Download all parts and with winRAR extract it.
~~THiS iS p2P ShAREiNG, hope nobody will ask me REGARDING THE LINK/RIP~~

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Lockerz is down !

 Lockerz is down, as I found on Oct 1st, 2009 at 9:30 AM IST. 

It says : 

"Site off-line

The site is currently not available due to technical problems. Please try again later. Thank you for your understanding."

I attached a screenshot of the page as shown. Probably the site is getting ready for its out-of-beta real launch, and more stocking ! :)

In the mean time, just be informed I sent them a mail regarding some confusions. they replied very soon :

" Thank you for contacting us. Please understand that Lockerz is still in the beta/testing phase of the site. The reason that we cannot yet ship internationally is because we did not expect to have such a large amount of international members before our official launch in October. There are many rules and regulations that a company must follow when dealing with the shipment of free prizes outside of the US. Lockerz has to make sure that we comply with these regulations before we can ship legally.

We still need to determine an official list of countries that we can legally ship to. We also aren't sure yet if any members will have to pay taxes on their deliveries. All of these details will be figured out in the next couple weeks and Lockerz will post notifications on the site for our members! The announcement will be made within the next week.

We welcome international members and encourage them to begin earning PTZ and saving up for the time when we can ship internationally, which will be mid-October. Lockerz thanks you for your patience in this matter.

Thanks for being so passionate about Lockerz! "

Hope this copy-n-paste job will help you to understand and believe on Lockerz ! 

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

!DEA coming to Kolkata on 12th October ....

Red dominated Mobile sector of Kolkata is going to get a new color - yellow from IDEA CELLULAR ! News published on Bengali daily, ABP confirms that ! 

no plan details has been unfolded till. Call their customer care 9088012345 which is live. 

check out if your area is out of IDEA's yellow coverage - search in your GSM mobile for networks 405 848 is IDEA Kolkata and 405 853 is IDEA WestBengal. 

so on 12/10/09 get a new IDEA connection to enjoy diwali , as you can wish to make calls cheaper !! 

Lockerz ?

I knew about Lockerz from Orkut's 'BSNL Broaband And EVDO/3G' community. They tagged it as 'Internet's new obsession'.  So I managed to get a invitation for Lockerz . ! 

What is lockerz ? I am writing the things which I understand.

  • here you can earn points (PTZ) and then redeem goodies.
  • here you can earn PTZ for doing anything - watching/downloading/uploading stuffs - well that was told to me, as the site is still in its beta, most of the sections are not working out. The whole site will be live on October, 2009
  • sign up - get PTZ, everyday log in get PTZ, invite your friends, they join in - get PTZ, answer daily questions - get PTZ - its simple ! 
  • Shipment of goodies - still its to US only, from October 15,2009 they will start international shipments . I guess and hope shipments will be free ! 
  • At present, as on 30.09.2009 I can not redeem anything as most items are 'fresh out'. ok they are telling that they will restock soon ! 

From : (on about Lockerz)

"Lockerz is the place to go to buy the coolest stuff at the lowest prices, watch exclusive video, discover new music, play the hottest games, hang out with your friends - and get rewarded for just about EVERYTHING you do on the site.

Our mission is to be your daily habit, not a site for your parents or grandparents looking for their long-lost friends from Kindergarten.

One other thing you'll love about Lockerz are PTZ (or "Pointz"). PTZ are Lockerz' proprietary loyalty "currency" that you earn whenever you buy, watch, play, share, invite friends, or even just show up on Lockerz. Redeem PTZ at the PTZ Place for incredible prizes, great products and dream experiences.

Too Good to Be True? Why are we doing this? To thank you for joining early. To build a Lockerz community of cool, stylish, cutting-edge people who love to buy great brands. To give you a taste of how PTZ will work when we go live this fall. And to test out different prizes and PTZ levels. That’s key. This version of PTZ Place is a test. PTZ levels will change when the full Lockerz site launches.

Lockerz is set to launch sometime in the Fall 09. Members who sign up now will get to explore and help shape the site before the launch. We hope you'll join us."

Read Lockerz's FAQ:

Lockerz's T&Cs :

So feeling Lockerz is exciting  ~ email me : to get a lockerz invitation ! 

Monday, September 28, 2009

শুভ বিজয়া

শুভ বিজয়ার প্রীতি শুভেচ্ছা ও ভালোবাসা...

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Per Second Pulse hits India

So after Tata DoCoMo's Per Second Pulse hits hard to Indians, everyone is trying to follow this trend.

Aircel in Kolkata took it to new and existing customers, free of cost.  (some sources telling its pan India offer ) 

Negative Impact: you can't enjoy any other STVs.

Tata Indicom in Mumbai, Maharashtra and Goa offers same for 60 days for Rs61 STV. 

BSNL and Vodafone also introduces second pulse in some circles. BSNL is going to offer it on its all circles due to Docomo success - added maximum customers in August '09 ! 

already there Indicom offers day-night local calling @ 50p & 25p respectively. 

Well a long time before, when Indicom was a kid in Indian Mobile Industry started same thing - I can remember my dad using Tata Indicom @ 3p/second pulse. Off course that time call rate was higher w.r.t. now. Have a look to Tata Indicom's second pulse : , which was withdrawn later. 

As Indicom withdrew it, I guessed Docomo may withdrawn it. To add to my belief, Docomo noted as Tariff could be changed as per TRAI or their wishes. Well the note is withdrawn. But fact is second pulse on its second occasion is here to stay and makes operators think about it. ! Docomo acting like a godfather, everyone is following it ! 

Monday, August 24, 2009

Virus Problem - how did I get rid of ?

Having a virus means problem ! whether it's flu virus or computer virus ! but anyway my article is on computer virus !
recently i faced two computer viruses - one is virut on my PC, and 2nd one is sality on my friend's pc.

both of them were detected by avast! AV scanner, as most of us using avast home/pro version for basic computing. but the fact is avast is not the best AV , rather it's best AV as freeware.

win32.virut or win32.sality have some common features - corrupt the .exe files. Deleting these infected files by ur antivirus means ur system gets unstable and u r forced to format ur XP. but as th contaminated most of the '.exe's on ur machine , if u store setups of various programs and run them to install programs after u format & reinstall XP . the infection comes back !! sometimes infection returns even from System Volume Information or Recycled folder - which is a hidden folder on each partition. and avast fails. even one of my fav virus cleaner combofix did nt work out !

virus does increase the size of the .exe files - just like laying eggs by houseflies ! and avast detects it as virus.
there are viruses hidden mostly in the folder of C:/Windows or C:/windows/system32 or C:/windows/system32/drivers
try to kill it via Safemode or using Window Washer(ww), run WW for 'free space washing' for deleting virus contaminated files in System Volume Information or Recycled folder. u should take a look what is running in background - use Process explorer.

the best antivirus to get rid of such infection on ur PC, is KASPERSKY ! it can heal the files ! this is the best part, which avast can't offer ! well KAV is not free, but u can try it for 30 days and to activate trial u need active internet connection or go for piracy - get new licenses as they appear on torrent sites.

*my post was made in hurry, but the conclusion is here : use kaspersky antivirus, as it works best on a moderate resourced PC ! best part is it will heal all files and make u back to work !

UPDATE One of my friends runs a cyber cafe, and as usual his WinXP-powered computers hit by a virus attack, though I am not sure that was virus or spyware. But that disabled Kaspersky Antivirus. I also checked on Task Manager some unwanted .exe files are running from C:/Documents and Settings/User/App Data/Temp [this may be wrong as I am currently on Win7]. I told him to go format way. 

But for home computers, you can check out this helpline- BleepingComputer, it offers ComboFix.exe which saves my ass many times while I was WinXP. 

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Kolkata Mobile Arena - a view on August

[the article says my personal experience -  i did not follow any database. rather try to follow the recent trend of market . ]

1st let me straight point out who are operating mobile telephony in Kolkata, Vodafone, Airtel, BSNL, Reliance (CDMA & GSM) , Aircel , Tata Indicom (cdma), Virgin Mobile (cdma), MTS India (cdma) are here.

here, vodafone owns maximum customers, USP of Vodafone is good netwrk and moderate tariff. Second is Airtel , offers services just like Vodafone; just 5-10 rupees plus minus ! but both of them r on best mobile netwrk and at the same time costlier than other !! 

Aircel is getting good no. of customers coz of its Ratecutters, Aircel2Aircel calls@10p ! Oops netwrk often jammed up ! 

Reliance cdma & tata indicom is under risk ! Reliance cdma's jaadu pack for all loc @50p for onetime 555 and 60p all loc for Rs 444 was a big flop ! virgin is another flop story along wth indicom, here people understand what means 1st 3 calls charged and then reduced call rate - a daily rental on consumer ! 

Reliance Smart GSM service - hw bad its ntwrk u cant guess if u dnt use it !! it rolled out services in kolkata before aircel came in town, and still its too bad for customers, well Smart's 35p all local for a starter kit worth Rs 50 worked out, but people are moving out as soon as the offer goes offline after 1st 6months ! 

BSNL - another loser in landlines , airtel n tata walky worked well in PCO business ! bsnl landlines are still the best one one can have even work under powe failure. and u need bsnl broadband u need landlines, as bsnl broadband is on dsl technolgy. watever bsnl broardband is still best in kolkata & suburban as airtel/tata/reliance do not penetrate the whole kolkata pincode area. well bsnl mobile sucks in a lot of way, sms delivery, high default call rate (Rs1.40) for liftime customers, need 2 recharge a 200 recharge to maintain lifetime and withdrawal of sms pack and then reintroducing it, but retails often dnt know bsnl's offers ! and netwrk congestion is there ofcourse.

now come to latest entrant in kolkata- that's MTS India, a joint venture between Russia's Sistema & India' Shyam Gr. MTS's offers are unmatched and attractive ! they have two offers to lure kolkatans - Rs 499 & Rs 99 ! most people are attrctd to MSaver99 as it's one-time power card to offer you calls to all local mobiles(MTS, nonMTS) at just 30p/min! this is awesome offer and as days go people taking this scheme, and come to MSaver 499, this is also one-time power card to offer 100000 mins free MTS-2-MTS, as 150min/day along with 10 sms/day to all local numbers. THis 499 card is bettr than any Gang/Club offer ! if u calculate u will find upto 2027 mid u can use this talkvalue, that means MTS 2 MTS is for almost lifelong ! .... and as cdma operator they brings cheaper handsets. 
MTS network on kolkata is good enough for a new operator and its customer care is also good, as per my personal experiences ! ... however there is a problem with SMS sending & receiving, may be coz of its cdma and can send 160 characters at one throw ! negative point: no data usage scheme from MTS still !! 

**lowest tariff in kolkata from aircel, STV 47, offers 25p/min to all loc calls after 1st 2 min (1st min - Rs1, 2nd min 50p) everyday; it means u need to spend [47+{(.75+.25)x30}] =Rs 97 per month to get local calls at 25p/min ! so you see who is cheaper. MTS is clear winner here. 

a lot of people is now using MTS along with old operator, if MTS offers stay till MNP comes in, all will be burnt out ! 

Now look at the future : tata docomo,gsm venture of tatas is coming soon, probbaly in august and b4 puja season in kolkata idea cellular is planned to have a grand launch here, coming december Unitech may be here !! i feel after MTS, all r late . tata docomo's USP is per second pulse, i.e. 60p/min , MTS is better here too! 

there r certains rules for new operators 
> cheaper tariff for 1st 2/3/6/12 months
> cheaper tariff is applicable on own &other ntwrk !

MTS follws both rules ! and if sky is the limit, MTS reaches the limit ! 
soon we will find docomo & idea's business strategy to beat MTS , let MNP come, tariff will b more attractive , remember 30p = $ 0.00625. 

have nice calling..... 

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

kolkata r kichu chobi

twitter e recently join korechi , tarpor theke ei blogger e blog likhte ar echhe kore na. jai hok ei rokom bangla phonetics follow kore blog likhchi karon Bollu da r blog dekhe ami khub udbudhho ! thank u bhollu da . bhollu da r blog - Chinepotka 

asole bangali hoe english e blog likhleo setay thik mon khule kotha bola jai na! tai thik korlam ebar theke kichu blog ei style-i likhbo, se keu comment dik ba na dik.......

by the way ami ekta Chinese handset peyechi , r chupi chupi boli etar kintu kono IMEI no nei, ar operator-o amake kono alert ba warn deyni, tai ke r khete khute fancy market e giye azad electronics er khoj kore , ei bes valo achi ........ jai hok ei handset tai ekta khub-valo-na 2MP camera ache, max resolution oti kom ,sunle tomra hasbe matro 640x480 ! jai hok seta diye ei ko din e cholte cholte bes kichu cholonto kolkata-r photo tulechi , kono tai valo noi but still worth to share.  

well amar 1st foto ta holo howrah bridger foto, jodio bridge er samanyo-i dekha jachhe, foto ta tulechilam amar bondhu der paying guest er floor theke - vanga kache r janla, dhure just dekha jachhe howrah bridge. chobi ta dekhe bes valo laglo bolei tulechilam. 

2nd foto ta pure fazlami ! keu keu bolbe ichore paka ! jai hok amader college eo ekta ei rokom machine ache, seta onek er mote achol . kintu ami ebong amar somo-manoshikota purno kichu sohopathi (dekhle thik bangla tai berie gelo , classmate lekhar kotha moneo aseni) ei jontro tike try kore dekhechilam. in brief 3 ti belun 5 takay mele ! ebar foto tar biboron e asi , tulechilam kakurgachir kache.. CIT road dhore ultadanga r dike hat-te thakun,je pare fire station ache - se pare ei machine tike dekhte paben, orkut eo upload korechi eta, kintu keu comment deini - sudhu school er ek sir amake scrap kore sudhu bolechen : onek somoy tola foto theke manus er mon naki bojha jai. er mane korte jaben na, even seta korar kotha vabao paap ! 

oh by the way  ihar nam holo - JOSH SPOT

3rd foto ta holo taal gach ek paye darie, maniktola ESI hospital chottore ei taal gach tir obosthan. 

4th foto ta kichu patha der nie jara kichukhon pore jobai hobe r ami-apni tar mangso (ranna kora) khabo! oboshyo oi patha gulo-i khete hobe tar kono mane nei, je jar parar bazar er kata patha kineo khete paren kono apotti nei ..

ponchom chobi ta holo - jhal muri. amra ki bari te eto kichu die jhal muri banie khan ? question ta apna kei korchi , agye haan ! 

6th er bangla ekta ache, kichu seta english e ki vabe likhbo seta vebei kichu ta time gelo - then caption ta ki debo vabchi hotat nam dite echhe korlo - oi je pulis jachhe .. tulechilam belgachia flyover theke amader college jete jete - r oi je amader college ta dekha jachhe (emergency building left side-e r academic ta right side e)

ok nischoi khub bore hoyechen , ei tai last . tulechilam titagarh e darie - ekta auto r foto - kolkatay sobuj r kalo auto chole - eti nil ! obosyo foto ta tolar ager rong nie matha gamai ni- pore computer e foto ta nie dekhlam nil ronger auto - sei adi o puraton color ja ami chotobela theke dekhe aschi , asole barrackpore ba titagarh ekhono kolkata hoini to ! 

aj ei porjontoi .... valo thakben ! 

Saturday, June 27, 2009

tata docomo - prepaid plan - brief up

this post is made to brief up tata docomo's prepaid plan 

launched in TN, Kerala and Orissa

Coming to AP and Karnataka soon

prepaid starter 
Rs 49 lifetime SIM comes with Rs 5 talktime
# to continue lifetime connection, minimum sum up recharge should be Rs 100 in 180 days

local calls 1p/sec
std 2p/sec 
* std 1p/sec for limited period as intro offer (all circles)

ISD tariff -

sms (160 characters)
local - Rs 0.60*
national Rs 1.20
international Rs 5

* in TN after first 3 SMSs local 750 sms/day free (promo offer)

GPRS : 1p/1kb, on roaming 10p/10kb

Roaming- National Roaming

incoming/outgoing to local - Re 1/min
STD Rs 1.5/min

Free missed call alert
free voice mail service - 'ACT VM' to 121

paper top up - ; Processing Fee[pf] is Rs 2 

echarge upto rs 100, pf rs 2 is applicable; over 100rs topup no pf, eg rs 101 recharge get rs 91.6 talktime

how to recharge - *135*2* <16digit> # 

24 hour Music channel: Call 543213. - 2p/sec
Caller tune - 15/song; rs 30/30day subscription, call 543215@2p/sec
 VoiceChat Service: Call 543216 - 2p/sec

Rs 25 - local docomo2docomo 1p/2sec (=30p/min) - 30days /90days (in Orissa only)
Rs 30 - 600 loc/nat sms - 30days (NOT in TN)
Rs 49 -free 500min d2d for 30days (NOT in TN.Kerala)

* Kerala intro offer - Gulf (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Yemen) @12p/sec

Instant Balance and Validity Enquiry : call 12525 or dial *111#
Customer Service 121

Monday, June 22, 2009

Before the Rain comes....

this is my 1st beng-eng blog .......

amar chobi tolar sokh bohudin agei chilo, kintu digicam na hole amar moto amature er pokkhe photo tola sombhob noi, tai nikon er S210 camera ta kine bes kichu photo tulechi, tar bes kichu orkut e upload korao ache, Google earth eo ache kichu ... to blog e keno na ? 

ei photo blog ta holo rain nie ... brishti asar age ... 

apatato duto photo mone hochhe bes valo blog e add korar jonno ......... besi kotha r bolchi na, dekhe comment korle amar valo lagbe ... 

Please comment on my photos .......... 

Sunday, June 14, 2009

405 036 is TATA GSM, not IDEA

On my 12th June post, i said IDEA CELLULAR is the next GSM operator coming to Kolkata. But in a reply to one user says IND 036 is tata gsm as seen in his mobile. other source is  which also says 405 036 is Tata GSM, ie Tata DoCoMo. 


But strange thing is Tata Tele said their GSM service will roll in south states and then western and nothern India, they did not mention about launch in eastern zone, at the same time Indiatimes report ( )saying idea planned to come to kolkata in puja time.

but idea network is not ready even, it's sure the testing network active over kolkata is Tata GSM ! 

Friday, June 12, 2009

!DEA Coming to Kolkata


After Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance (CDMA), BSNL, Tata Indicom (CDMA), Reliance Smart (GSM), Aircel , Virgin Mobile and last one MTS India (CDMA) came to Kolkata as mobile operators one after another.

Now question is who is the next ? is it Idea Cellular or Unitech Wireless or Tata-DoCoMo GSM service? But it's sure that next one is not going to be a CDMA player, next will be a GSM player, for last 3 weeks if you search network manually on your GSM phone, you will find a new one IND 036 or 405 036.

INA 31/ 404 31 - Airtel

INA COMMAND / 404 30 - Vodafone /HUTCH


INA 91/ 404 91 - AIRCEL


Though Tata-DoCoMo has been launched, I guess this new one is Idea. B'coz Idea planned to be launched in Kolkata during Durga Puja Eve to get more attention from Kolkatans.

Unitech has no news on when it will roll out its service and Tata DoCoMo will be in Kolkata end of '09 or start of '10.

So Idea Cellular will be city's 6th GSM ........ hope to get more attractive offers from it!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tata DoCoMo - what does it mean ?

NTT DoCoMo is a leading telecom operator in Japan. ( Wiki & Official )

It bought 26% stake in Tata Tele's GSM venture under dual licence policy. Well there was a discussion about the *JV's brand name. Now it has been anounced that this new GSM operator's brand name is Tata DoCoMo. (visit the home page clicking the link)

* JV= joint venture

But do you know what does 'DoCoMo' mean really? 

The name is officially an abbreviation of the phrase, "do communications over the mobile network", and is also from a phrase dokodemo, meaning "everywhere" in Japanese. {from Wiki}

Do you know how to write NTT DoCoMo in Japanese ?

株式会社エヌ・ティ・ティ・ドコモ (chances r there u can't see it properly) 
:) :) :p

Tata Docomo will be rolling out its services over India, Southern states get this new GSM operator 1st, then We will have it in Eastern India also. As resources saying, Kolkata can get Tata Docomo in October-December this year. Cheers, another new operator = cheaper& attractive tariffs.

Monday, June 08, 2009

3 Visitor Counters Added to RDB's Blog

On 6th June,2009 i installed another visitor counter to my blog ! 

1st such widget i added was FEEDJIT - real traffic feed : it shows recent visitors of my blog, their arrival and departure along with their country. 

2nd one is visitor counter from StatCounter : it shows total visitors of my blog.

3rd and last one is from Flag Counter ;i added this one to see country wise total visitors.

the links added here, from those u can go those sites to add such visitor counters to ur website/blog!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Opera Browser - irrelevant post

I am a Opera fan !

Opera homepage :
Opera Orkut Active Community
Top Opera News : click

On 28. April 2009 Opera celebrated its 15th birthday ..... Read here

i am a late wisher kiddo !

recently i got a look on a website - Browser choice for Enterprises, have a look :

these pointsystem is done by me!

All Browser related topic : FavBrowser

And its June 03, We got Opera 10 Beta 1 !!

and this is the end of the story ..... yeah i know this is my most irrelevant out-of-mind post !
just see if u like it !

Sunday, May 24, 2009

MTS Kolkata - from my view

So, Kolkata has 4th CDMA mobile operator launched. it's MTS India. It launched in Kolkata on 21th May, 2009.

I posted 2 articles on 'MTS launching in Kolkata' Read here :

link 1: MTS India is going to be Kolkata's 1st Phase-II Operator posted on 27th March, 2009

(Read it for details of MTS, a JV between Indian Shyam Telelink and Russian Sistema)

link 2: MTS ad in Kolkata for 1st time posted on 19th May,2009

Why am I posting the old news of MTS started service in kolkata, main reason is I took MTS connection, so i thought to post with all details of MTS. that's why this delay. in this post i am goin to discuss all things -plan details and its benefits etc etc.

MTS India - website ; Kolkata Page ; Kolkata Launch Press Release - PDF

MTS Prepaid plan (No Postpaid is there now)

* Pulse rate: 60sec

* Lifelong condition Minimum of Rs. 200 Top-Up over a period of 6 months.

This lifetime prepaid plan is cheapest with respect to any operators in Kolkata, only comparable offer comes from R-Com CDMA which needs Rs 555 Jadu pack to call all locals @ 50p/min.

But they are not selling the SIM alone (FYI none do so, Tata Indicom, Reliance Mobile CDMA or Virgin Mobile), the CDMA factor working here, so if you wana take MTS connection you have to shell out over 1000 bucks. in Kolkata they r offering 2 handsets - one Samsung and one ZTE (I bought last one 'coz ZTE set looks better than Samsung one) - no Huwaei handset comes here - Check MTS Kolkata Handset page. The Samsung superstar costs 1200/- and ZTE C339 costs 1000/- along with free SIM with lifetime validity(which costs Rs 49/- actually). Don't expect hi-fi handset at this price, so these are very basic handsets. and using a chinese GSM-CDMA dual handset, i find best voice clarity when calling. 

Now come to Msavers (STVs, actually):

MSaver499 pack for local 10,00,000min free MTS 2 MTS call as 150min/day and 10SMS/day to all network
Verdict: this offer is not going to be hit among general users. but if u r too caring lover may opt for it. in that case buy 2 sets and recharge one connection with it.

MSaver 99- offers local calls to any mobile @30p/min and local landline calls @50p/min for lifetime
Verdict: i think it's going to be a hit !

both of above are introductory offer, and for limited period of time and till stocks last. so grab them, i insist to buy Msaver99. but you can recharge both !

apart from this two, Msaver 98(FREE CALLING TO MTS) offers local MTS-2-MTS free unlimited calling and MSaver 31 (SMS PACK) for Local & National 1000 SMS to all network ,both for 30days. There is another STD PACK MSaver27 to call STD @Re1/min for 30days [Note only STD tariff will change].

Recharge vouchers Visit here
[most RV(Rs 50,100,200,500) offers full talktime deducting only S.T. , but Mini Fills(Rs 20,10) deduct Rs2 as Admin Fee]

MTS Care(Kolkata)
9153155155 for Calling from other connections, 155 from MTS mobile
Fax: 9153166166
Review: Customer Care is good, new operator so no waiting to connect Customer care executives, they are helpful and has good knowledge on MTS. 
About Network : CDMA offers better coverage
MTS network is best as per it's a new entrant. calling is smooth and in 1-try,voice is clear. even Roaming to Rest of Bengal offers same seamless network! just unbelievable! I don't know whose tower they hired ! 
Roaming over India is available via Tata Indicom's network.
Outgoing Calls - good and fast to connect, but problem with Airtel,Vodafone sometimes happen.
SMS : outgoing well fast, though my sms to my own Smart no, was not delivered !
Incoming SMS is delivered fast, though BSNL Bengal circle mobile takes it as STD no. ! it's normal, as it also happens in case of Aircel Bengal & BSNL Kolkata no.s !  and you can get Delivery report too.

Value Added Services VAS :
On Handset option is available.

Missed Call Alert
Its free  :) 
**MTS SIM was not recognized by Nokia 6275 (bought with Reliance),which works with Tata Indicom SIM card. PIN Code is asked and '12345' or '0000' is not working! though a chinese handset works well with MTS. 

Conclusion: I thought if MTS came here with same plans of TN,Kerala circles it may fail to hit. But their intro plan is awesome with lifelong local mobile calling @30p/min without any power cards. In last five years, Kolkata saw new operators - Tata, R-Com GSM(Smart), Aircel, Virgin, MTS. And if you analyze the trend - for intro in a metro like kolkata new operators must offer low tariff to other network also to catch new customers to make a good customer base 'coz if you offer free min to own netwrok people will not take it. that's why Tata and virgin fails to knock the door properly, Just remind Reliance India Mobile launch - they offered price of handset converted to free recharge vouchers, but their Smart was a failure during launch due to poor network and no network sharing from other GSM operators like Airtel and Vodafone. Aircel stormed kolkata with Rs.246voucher for unlimited local calling and they made a good base snapping from BSNL, Airtel and Vodafone and then Smart's Relaunching of 35p/min all loc calls for 1st 6months of connection during pan india launch of R-GSM! MTS just followed the rule, yeah remember another thing Kolkata is 1st metro to get MTS !! so they were very serious about it and launched just in 2 months of releasing news of 'Kolkata is getting under radar of Red'. But only CDMA factor oppose them, still I don't find enough respond from GSM users,but let me wait for 1 month 'coz most shops deny to sell MTS as it's CDMA. well I am hoping !dea(GSM) will come as 25p/min local call for lifetime before durgapuja in Kolkata.
All the best,

Thursday, May 21, 2009

BSNL Broadband - what we can expect from new Govt.

Well Lok Sabha Election is over, and Maran may be back as Minister. This is Dayanidhi Maran who announced India will get free broadband of 2Mbps around 2012. And during his time we had BSNL upgraded broadband bandwidth 2Mbps from 256kbps and become the most affordable broadband service provider. 

Well I am talking about BSNL broadband plans. At present what people want from BSNL :

Bandwidth upgradation ( uplink and downlink both stream ) :
those who are on 256kbps Unlimited plans,want speed to be increased atleast 512kbps @ same price or speed upto 2mbps. UL users are not asking for 8Mbps connection

but those who are on night UL plans ( 500, 500c,500c+ etc etc) asking fo bandwidth increase for upto 8Mbps, [ FYI BSNL has ADSL technology on which 8Mbps is maximum bandwidth], if not 4Mbps will do good.

upload speed should be increased as per download speed.

Cheaper Plans: Lower tariffs - but i think if bandwidth,free usage n more night hours is introduced , there will not be no reduction of tariff.

More free usage : that time free usage increased 2.5 times. so expecting 1GB->2.5GB,1.5GB-> 4GB,2.5GB->6GB like this.

Night free hours upto 8 hours a day - instead of 2AM - 8AM, it would be 0000-0800hrs.

Well I am listening about more bandwidth and changing night free hours for a long time from BSNL officials, but still not implemented ! hope now it will be soon implemented !

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

MTS ad 1st time on Kolkata

MTS India is coming to Kolkata which I heard & told many times. But I did not found any advertisement from MTS India. Well they started showing their ads , the 1st one I saw was on The Telegraph dated 18th May and 2nd one i find today 19th in Anandabazar patrika. Ad saying : " Everything will change, Get Ready "

These ads are not telling its MTS India to make people curious, but of course it's MTS launching!! just see their logo:

so it's new brand of fuchka (ফুচকা), :-o  , no it's MTS India. for your info, MTS is CDMA based mobile service provider. Read my early post on MTS. and it is coming with some awesome intro offers. just see MTS plans in Tamilnadu, as per sources Kolkata & WB circle will get same offer.

Tamilnadu >> 1. tariff - Click 2. Special tariff Vouchers - Click 3. Recharge Voucher - click
In short u can get lifelong 150 min free calling everyday to own network @ Rs 499/-  (actually 10,00,000 min free)and get lifetime connection just a mere Rs 49/- while default call rates are 35p to own and 70p to others as local calls, STD @ Rs 1.40/min nation wide SMS @ 50p ,and can opt for all local calls @49p for Rs 25/-- for 30 days and with spendin Rs99/- u can call MTS2MTS free for 30days. there are a no. of Msavers (STVs) for customers' needs !

Well their plans are awesome and too attractive , but only thing will go against it is their CDMA tech - people need a unlocked CDMA handset while most people are on GSM. But do u know why I am so interested in MTS, the reason is on CDMA sector in Kolkata and WB circle, R-Com has a monopoly which was facilitated by Tata's worst network and worst tariffs !! Mobile number portability is coming, so I want to see some fight from MTS, after all in that war winner is alwaz customers .....

If you like to hear MTS singnature tune - download it. It's also kool too !! 

UPDATE on 20.05.2009 
MTS network is active over Kolkata, though they are waiting for official launch, handsets-SIMs-Cutouts are distributed to the mobile shops and resellers. You can call MTS care @ +91 9143155155. 

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Excitements for Kolkata Mobile Space in Coming Puja

At March I wrote about new Mobile service providers in kolkata are coming..... 

Well Kolkatans it's great time to enjoy mobile telephony, as Mobile Number Portability is coming around September, 2009 in kolkata. 

And we will see another GSM operator, Idea launching its services before durga puja! as Kolkata GSM market is already condensed by Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL, Aircel, Reliance Smart we can expect some more attractive tariff plans from Aditya Birla's !dea. Get ready to show "!"

and CDMA market of kolkata, dominated by Reliance mainly, will see MTS India. Tata and Virgin are also here. 

Both the operators have already booked space at PS-Srijan Tech Park. Idea Cellular has purchased 50,000 sq ft, Shyam-Sistema has taken 30,000 sq ft on long-term lease. Unitech, which has also got GSM frequencies for West Bengal and Kolkata circles, is yet to set up base.

But I didn't find any MTS ad in kolkata still, but all source are saying it is coming in next couple of weeks. I am excited to watch tariff war also at CDMA sector, as Tata is always loser to R-Com.

But !dea will be here during Sep-Nov. "We are keen on catching the Pujas this year, both in Kolkata and West Bengal circles. True, Vodafone Essar and Airtel have the first-mover advantage with 900 MHz spectrum that is a lot better than the 1800 MHz," an Idea official said. You can expect IDEA's mega launching before puja!  

FYI, US-based Telcordia Technologies is to introduce MNP in Kolkata, and according to their sources - WB will get MNP in April of next year. 

so lower tariffs, new service providers and option to change the service provider

without changing the number - this is the mobile excitement for Kolkata, just wait for our fav Durga Puja. 


A good no. of people is searching for MTS office Addresses : 

Kolkata Office :

Sistema Shyam Teleservices Limited.
PS Srijan Tech Park, DN-52, 
Sector-V, Salt Lake Green, 
Kolkata - 700091
West Bengal
Phone: 033-64610400

Registered Office :
Sistema Shyam TeleServices Limited
B-2-D, Shiv Marg, Bani Park  
Jaipur - 302016 

Corporate Office: HR Manager (for Careers in MTS India)

Sistema Shyam TeleServices Pvt. Ltd.
334, Udyog Vihar, Phase-IV,
Gurgaon - 122001  
Haryana ; Phone:+91 124 4615899
Email :

Visit MTS INDIA Site - 

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

aXXo torrents - from Mininova or TPB or btjunkie?

where do u download axxo torrents from?
a. mininova b. btjunkie c. the pirate bay d. any other site

if your answer is 'a', change it to "d" .... read my story.

I used to download and search torrents on mininova or btjunkie and I made nickname and search engine integration of these two on my fav Opera also. but now I feel that for torrents uploaded by axxo you should use Darkside_RG site [ ]. You must know that axxo joined mininova later and under his profile on mininova all axxo rips are not listed. on mininova axxo uploaded 356 movies' torrents, though his total uploaded movies are more than 1000!! (Remember ' Mirrors ' was his 1000th torrent. Source: )

On mininova or TPB or Btjunkie, axxo accounts don't have all his rips. even he missed recent ones too!! I don't know why axxo, being a global anonymous brand doing this. may be 'coz he want to promote Darkside_RG.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Ray Mobiles from TheMobileStore

Last month it was reported Essar Group’s plans of launching own branded handsets across the country under The Mobile Store label. The telecom retail arm of Essar Group, The Mobile Store (TMS), has finally launched their handset range called ‘Ray’. 4 models of which have been launched in the initial stage. 

Ray models currently being launched: 

Ray M20: MP3 Player, FM Radio, Expandable Memory, 500 Contacts & 200 SMS
Ray M31: Dual SIM, Touch Screen, Camera, MP3 player, FM Radio
Ray T60: Touch Screen, Dual Sim, 2 MP Camera, G Sensor, Bluetooth with A2DP
Ray T65 : Touch Screen, 3 MP Camera, FM Radio with recording, Bluetooth with A2DP

[ The Links above are directed to The Mobile Store's site, where you will have buying options and full details of the handset. ]

As of now, the T65 and M20 models are on shelves and priced at Rs. 6,999 and Rs. 2,199 respectively according to MobileStore prices. The other two models are soon to follow. 

“RAY” will be available pan India at all Telecom Retail Stores. The MobileStore is appointing other sub distributors to leverage the opportunities across various locations in India. Each handset in the range will come with a 12 month warranty and have a unique registered IMEI number. A Pan India after sales support will be provided through The MobileStore outlets as well. 

Commenting on the “RAY” launch, Rajiv Agarwal, CEO and Director of The MobileStore Ltd said, "Launch of “RAY” is a very important milestone in the journey of The MobileStore and we are extremely happy to introduce our range of “RAY” handsets to today’s youth who are always open to new and interesting products. “RAY” handsets will provide the best features to the consumers at never before prices in the respective product segments.”

Nokia dominates 70% of the handset market followed by Sony Ericsson and Samsung. The TMS Ray series will face competition from the above mentioned brands. With the handset market selling over 100 million units TMS is targeting a sale worth Rs. 200 crore in the first year. They planned to sell phones via their shoppes and other over 20,000 stores over nation. 

At the same time TCL Corp also launched their Alcatel brand cellphones.  so Let's see who win the battle for newcomers , as both brand will be sold via TMS !!

bye .... wishing all the best to all,

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Virgin Mobile India - My report

Status confirmed: Virgin going to ring GSM arena! 

  well it's old news, i just take extra time to make it my own report and analysis ..

Virgin Mobile, well known all over world for their MVNO policy for providing mobile/telephony services and attractive and innovative offers to end users, launched its services in India on March 2, 2008, a year back. But they added just around 10% customers  w.r.t. Tata's new customers. 

is ViMo failed in India??

After talking to a no. of people I find some comments, follow them and you will understand why Virgin Mobile did not get enough response from youth, though it targets youth sector of customers. 

"I already have 2 SIMs."  
"I have a 10K GSM handset!" 
"If it's GSM I could try it"  
"I don’t want to take 2 handsets with me - it’s awkward!"  
“Oh! In my area Tata network sucks! Why I take Virgin!!"  
'I don’t find a virgin mobile shop in my area'  
'Well if I bought a virgin from Kolkata, how can I recharge in suburban'  
'I have an unlocked CDMA set, but they are not selling only the SIM’ 
'Can I use VM with my Nokia N70?' 
‘I need a service provider offering free talktime in own network’
‘Virgin ads are awesome and kewl !’
'only mobile store selling it, and only with handset ! '
"i visited VM usa/canada sites.and here handsets are just bogus!! "

before analyzing these comments, let's go straight to Virgin Mobile's joint venture with SingTel in Singapure. there ViMo totally kicked out due to Saturated market. Well its India, and market is not saturated still. 

ViMo targets youth. and they started with some entry level CDMA handsets which makes them most unattractive, at the same time when VM ads rock young minds and their 10p incoming credit (which is now 5p/1min) offer just make them super launched. all my friends knew about it! 

Virgin made its campaigning in colleges (i saw them on presidency college also) , but powered with CDMA tech from Tata. they can't make a new customer for just a mere Rs 50 like R-com GSM launch offer. VM requires atleast Rs 1800(price of handset) to make a new customer. To make it worst, TMS (the mobile store) chain was selling VM sim cards along with handsets. FYI Virgin is partner in TMS venture with Essar. that's a bad move. 

but VM has scope! 'coz till MVNO is not accepted in India, if it's soon allowed after election Virgin will be more powerful. so at this moment entering in GSM arena in time could be useful for them. launching calling cards for night/weekend/full day unlimited plans would be useful. even they can offer sms @ 10p/5p as per users' choice , say u can have local SMS 100 and its multiples @ Rs. 10,20, 30 ..etc . and i like they launch handsets which they offer in USA, Canada, Australia . Well they just launched some good models of Samsung. but most of all they need proper marketing - all they did to target metros specially, but they forget youths of suburbans ..
& i got news that Japan's NTT Docomo telecom will be partner in Tata's GSM service ,so we can hope this new operator will be a powerhouse and so will be Virgin Mobile India.

that's done .... wishing all the best !!