Tuesday, May 19, 2009

MTS ad 1st time on Kolkata

MTS India is coming to Kolkata which I heard & told many times. But I did not found any advertisement from MTS India. Well they started showing their ads , the 1st one I saw was on The Telegraph dated 18th May and 2nd one i find today 19th in Anandabazar patrika. Ad saying : " Everything will change, Get Ready "

These ads are not telling its MTS India to make people curious, but of course it's MTS launching!! just see their logo:

so it's new brand of fuchka (ফুচকা), :-o  , no it's MTS India. for your info, MTS is CDMA based mobile service provider. Read my early post on MTS. and it is coming with some awesome intro offers. just see MTS plans in Tamilnadu, as per sources Kolkata & WB circle will get same offer.

Tamilnadu >> 1. tariff - Click 2. Special tariff Vouchers - Click 3. Recharge Voucher - click
In short u can get lifelong 150 min free calling everyday to own network @ Rs 499/-  (actually 10,00,000 min free)and get lifetime connection just a mere Rs 49/- while default call rates are 35p to own and 70p to others as local calls, STD @ Rs 1.40/min nation wide SMS @ 50p ,and can opt for all local calls @49p for Rs 25/-- for 30 days and with spendin Rs99/- u can call MTS2MTS free for 30days. there are a no. of Msavers (STVs) for customers' needs !

Well their plans are awesome and too attractive , but only thing will go against it is their CDMA tech - people need a unlocked CDMA handset while most people are on GSM. But do u know why I am so interested in MTS, the reason is on CDMA sector in Kolkata and WB circle, R-Com has a monopoly which was facilitated by Tata's worst network and worst tariffs !! Mobile number portability is coming, so I want to see some fight from MTS, after all in that war winner is alwaz customers .....

If you like to hear MTS singnature tune - download it. It's also kool too !! 

UPDATE on 20.05.2009 
MTS network is active over Kolkata, though they are waiting for official launch, handsets-SIMs-Cutouts are distributed to the mobile shops and resellers. You can call MTS care @ +91 9143155155. 
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