Monday, October 17, 2016

JIO Kolkata : Band 3 Gets Total 10MHz, Better Speed Sparked

In most of the parts of Kolkata, Jio begins operations with 20MHz x 2300MHz (Band 40), 5MHz x 1800MHz (Band 3) and 5MHz x 850MHz (Band 5, from RCom) to cover up indoor and outdoor. 

As I found yesterday Jio now adds another 5MHz in 1800MHz (Band 3) in Kolkata - making use of 2 x 5MHz channels on this band. It improves both downlink and uplink immediately as I experienced in Barrackpore, Northern suburb of Kolkata. 

Apart from Rajasthan and Kolkata, Jio does not have its own 10MHz spectrum in 1800MHz band. So in other circles Jio will create 2 channels of 5MHz on 1800MHz by sharing spectrum from RCom, but I guess it will take some time. 


JIO- Spectrum Holdings in Kolkata:


* Jio uses 5MHz of 850MHz band from RCom via spectrum sharing deal. Once RCom-MTS merger completes, the merger entity will have another 3.75MHz from MTS. However Jio needs 2 x 5MHz channels to offer best 

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