Tuesday, July 25, 2017

airtel vs Jio LTE Speed Comparison

This week I ported to Airtel and I could not resist to make a comparison of two 4G/LTE giants - airtel and Jio.

Day : 22nd July, 2017
Location : Shyamabazar, R.G.Kar Medical College Campus.
I found that in this campus airtel has some issues with LTE signal, probably because of the old buildings.
Weather: It was raining.

airtel 4G speedtest:

while airtel has shifted from 4G to 3G

Jio Speedtest :

Reliance Jio's own speed testing app - Net Velocity is also used for few occasions: 

airtel LTE tested via hotspot

airtel LTE (probably on 2300MHz)

Jio LTE over 2300MHz

Day 24th July, 2017
Location: Naihati, near Naihati Rail Station. 

First thing first, I found that airtel has awesome LTE speeds here. I tested it several times and airtel LTE proved its worth. This time I used Speedtest.net app, NetVelocity app from Jio, TRAI's myspeed app and OpenSignal's app. 

airtel 4G :

airtel 4G over hotspot - OpenSignal app

airtel LTE over hotspot - TRAI MySpeed app

Jio 4G: 

Jio LTE - on OpenSignal app
Jio LTE on TRAI MySpeed app

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