Wednesday, January 04, 2017

FAQ to Jio 4G/LTE Voice Services

I already have been using JIO's digital services over Jio MiFi device since August end. I did not have much interest to get a JIO SIM for mobile as I did not like the idea to stand in a queue for long time to get a free SIM.

I had two barcodes - on Redmi Note 3 and Honor Holly and found that Honor Holly's bar code was stolen away already. So I prompted for using the barcode generated on RN3.

To my surprise the queue has been vanished and thanks to JIO's e-KYC solution the process is very fast.

1. What is JIO's e-KYC solution for SIM activation?

Jio makes the subscribers's document submission and activation of the connection on the SIM completely digital - it's superfast digital processing service by JIO e-KYC solution.

What you need to get a JIO connection in 10 minutes or less? Get a 4G smartphone, download MyJio app and generate the barcode. Now walk into any Reliance Digital store with your Adhaar Card and rest will be taken care of by the stuffs there. You will get a JIO SIM in few minutes after verification and submission of your application form online.

In my experience it hardly takes 5 minutes to complete the whole procedure.

2. How long it takes to activate the SIM ?

Basically it takes no time, but in reality the SIM card starts working (i.e. connected to JIO LTE network) within 12-24 hours.

3. Do I need to keep JIO data connectivity on for incoming or outgoing calls ? 

No if you are using a VoLTE enabled smartphone.

Yes if you are using a 4G data only smartphone and then you are dependable on Jio4GVoice app. This app uses data just like WhatsApp calling, hence you have to keep data on.

4. My handset supports VoLTE but after inserting JIO SIM (activated) it shows only 4G/LTE/HD but no VoLTE. What should I do?

Not everyone but few people are facing this problem. There are many workarounds for this problem. You can check youtube.

Update: from February end I found that Jio VoLTE is solved over network.

You can use voice over Jio LTE network via :

1. Directly on VoLTE phones
2. Via Jio4GVoice app on 4G data-only phones
3. Via Jio4GVoice app on any WiFi enabled android device connected to JioFi devices

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