Monday, May 30, 2016

Reliance Messed up with CDMA to 4G Migration (4G SIM is Active for Me)

On 6th May I visited local Reliance store and recharged my Reliance cdma no with 4G migration voucher.

Recharge Successful 

SIM Registered for 4G

​​Though data was not working on Redmi Note 3, I put the RUIM on it for making calls. During this period often data network (EvDo rev A) was out of order and only 1x worked.

On 22nd May I suddenly saw there is no signal (no 3G no 1x) on Redmi Note 3. I thought of regular interruption due to 4G upgradation process. Next day again I saw no network (emergency calls only/no service), then I put the RUIM on my HTC Desire 510 and there was full signal of 1x (no EVDO though) and voice, text and 1x data worked. 

I checked with my old basic phone Intex GC5050 and ZTE AC2766 EvDo dongle - RUIM failed to register to Reliance CDMA network, but again I checked with Desire 510, there was no issues with calls and texts. During this time I checked the new 4G SIM, it is yet to be activated.

Another thing is R-CDMA does not allow calls with +91 prefix, you need to call simple 10 digit mobile number or just add zero before it, otherwise calls just get disconnected.

From 26th May I am getting informed by R-CDMA that CDMA is getting closed by 31st May. But there is no separate message for that, the info is just attached with the balance details message.

However the Reliance InstaCare app the alerts section shows like this: 

Checked with Huawei Honor Holly2+ : None of the RUIM or 4G SIM were able to latch to any network (27/05/2016)

Interestingly the CDMA RUIM was detected as MTS when Honor was switched on.

On 30th May evening, Reliance 4G SIM gets latched to parent network and in Barrackpore it's 3G only. Though the CDMA RUIM on HTC Desire 510 continues to connect to network.

A simple call is made to my Reliance CDMA no, and it ended up on the 4G SIM. I have checked with the CDMA RUIM - no calls getting connected or no data connection was established (on HTC Desire 510).

As I can understand Reliance's LTE services will not be CDMA/LTE rather it will be GSM/HSPA backed LTE.

So end of CDMA (Reliance) !

On 1st June I had found that Reliance 4G SIM failed to latch to Reliance's 2G/3G network. I tried to register to network by manually searching the available network. Interestingly that time I was in Barasat and I found that there are three 4G signals live - JIO, airtel and Vodafone IN.

Later I went to Shyampukur Reliance Store on that day, and the store was crowded with many elderly people who were voice customers of Reliance CDMA. The Reliance Store looked like a BSNL office where people are generally agitated, standing in a long queue and always a chaos runs among.

My existing SIM was checked by the guy at the store, tried searching and registering to network manually on my phone and his phone after he checked that my SIM is active. (I have heard few SIM cards requires a patch.) However in my case the guy replaced my existing SIM card with a new one and assured me it will go live by 5pm today.

Regarding Reliance's 4G (LTE850) he told that it may be live by another week, till then I will have 3G (as Reliance is offering 3G in Kolkata, otherwise you have to stick to 2G).

Ultimately I switched on the phone by 8pm and the SIM smoothly registered to Reliance 3G on GIONEE D1, and soon I received text from Reliance with data settings.

On 4th June, I received the welcome message from RCom. However I am yet to see the 4G signal in Barrackpore region and I am yet to received post migration offer benefits (unlimited R2R calls, 150 min R2All local calls, 10GB LTE data and 1GB 3G data). 

I tried to have a chat with Reliance Mobile care over the Reliance Instacare app, it did not connect.


Update: The chat option started working, but I am yet to able to chat with Rcom CC. 

Update: It seems RCom is working on Chat section of InstaCare. The looks of the chat is changed.

There is some issues with data connectivity with Reliance's new GSM/4G SIM cards - the MDN (10 digit mobile no) is shown as invalid and that's probably due to the fact that my mobile no is migrated from CDMA. Dialing *129# says that my no is not a Reliance prepaid GSM number. 

Even InstaCare app shows this: 

So I called the CC on *333. They asked me to go the SIM ToolKit and enable National Roaming. It's already on - but rechecking that worked for me to get data connectivity on Reliance 3G.

Atlast Reliance 3G is connected for internet. 

But Rcom 3G has issues - most of the time it stays on 2G.

or it denies to connect to internet or even on H+ no data transfer occurs

In the mean while some people found that Reliance 4G network is alive in Mumbai.

In an article by Telecomtalk, my fellow writer Imon pointed out that Reliance Jio's 4G signal over 850MHz is live over Kolkata. Now Jio does not has 850MHz 4G capable spectrum, i.e. Jio is using RCom's spectrum here. Hence I tried to register to Jio 4G signal using new Reliance 4G SIM. But it did not work. 

** Not all screenshots are taken by me, some are connected over internet. 

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