Friday, May 20, 2016

[Press Release] Ballr - Sports App Launched by Harabhajan Singh

•  Unique & disruptive, free to play; Ballr, the second screen of live sport addresses upwards of 400 million sports fans in Asia.

•  Addictively social gaming platform that offers fans a chance to win sporting experiences, phones, apparel, cars, sporting tickets & other premium prizes.

•  Launching in three Asian markets, Ballr open offices in Singapore, Sydney, Delhi & New York.

New Delhi, 19 MAY 2016: Today, Fantasy Sport Technologies held a landmark press conference at the Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi, hosted by much celebrated Indian cricket star Harbhajan Singh, to celebrate the launch of its unique and disruptive sporting application, Ballr.

Ballr, the entirely mobile, micro fantasy, fan engagement platform is the first of its kind to launch in Asia. Unlike traditional fantasy sports games, Ballr has introduced a new way to play - rapid fire micro gaming and has replaced monetary prizes with money can’t buy experiences and premium prizes.

Speaking on the occasion, Harbhajan Singh said, “I’ve been deeply associated with the leadership of Ballr in India and believe this will be a great platform for fans to connect with the game. It gives them the chance to play alongside, test their skill and get rewarded by brands. It is a much more interesting way to watch cricket and I am sure to play with it as well.

Founder and CEO, Sam Jones addressed the gathering and said “Through Ballr we wish to create a community of sports fans and build a digital environment for friendly competition & conversation. India is the second largest smart-phone market in the world with over 220 million users. In this context and given the immense enthusiasm Indian youth has for sports; Ballr is the perfect platform for them to connect through live sports.”

“Adult sports fan all over India will enjoy testing their knowledge and challenging their friends for the top position on the leaderboard. Ultimately our goal is to connect fans around the world through live sporting games.” he added.

In addition to serving sports fans Ballr, presents a huge opportunity for brands to connect with this audience. Ballr has partnered with global brands in India and plans to collaborate with more like-minded brands in the coming months for its subsequent launches.

Rohan Kumar, Head of Sub-Continent said, “Brands are trying to reach new consumers in India. Sport is the global language, and we could have opened anywhere. But we picked the most attractive market which is here in India and we start with cricket which is the most widely viewed sport. We believe there is a huge gap in the fan experience that we can fill with Ballr. This is really a second screen for sport, delivered on a smart phone, where brands can have a deeper engagement with a targeted audience.”

Ballr connects to all major social networks, allowing users to play head to head on a daily basis. Another aspect of Ballr’s app is its simple yet stunning interface that enables users to get in the game within seconds. Games on the platform will be free, with players in the running to win prizes and experiences such as bikes, phones, sports clothing, flights, sport tickets and the chance to meet their favourite players.

Following the launch with cricket in India, Ballr will launch soccer and basketball games in China, Thailand and Vietnam.

Ballr has received $4 million in seed capital to date and will use this, as well as celebrity athlete endorsements, to pursue a market of an estimated 281 million adult sports fans in China and 93 million in India.

Ballr has offices operating in Sydney, Melbourne, New York, Deli and Singapore and will be available from the Google Play store on the 24 May, 2016.
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