Thursday, April 07, 2016

Try Jio Apps Now on Your Mobile

Are you waiting for Jio to come? Well the wait is partially over, as you can enjoy some of their app on your android smartphone withour any hassle.

Open this link on your mobile, tap on any app, you can be a beta tester with your Google account. (in some apps give your direct download link of the APKs)

Beta Tester FAQ is here

Jionet -
My Jio -
Jio Beats -
swith N walk - [similar to ShareIt]

and more...

Note: Most apps are not working unless you have your jio mobile number or jio Id. 

Note: you can still the above mentioned link ( on your desktop browser. Use User-Agent-Switcher app on Chrome/Firefox or Opera. For Opera 30+ you can use this extension -

If you open this link with your desktop browser you can see only Jio Drive for Mac and Windows for download.

But with the user agent changed, you can see all the apps:

Jio Chat Messenger - Play link

More links of Jio Apps on Google Play Store: 

Reliance Jio Digital Services Pvt. Ltd - Developer Home Page

Reliance Enterprise Mobility

Shows - Jio Candidate, Mission Kurukshetra, Reliance CRM, R-Boarding, Trans-Act Fleet Cash Loading

Reliance Jio Infocomm -

Includes : CAF Pickup and JC Biker Buddy

Some links:



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