Sunday, August 30, 2015

India's Worldphone Yet to Come!

A Worldphone or globalphone is considered to support most available network across the globe.

In India there are several technologies are being offered over different spectrum bands. Here goes the list:

GSM/EDGE (2G) - 900 MHz
GSM/EDGE (2G) - 1800 MHz

CDMA 1x/Rev0/RevA/RevB - 800MHz

HSPA (3G) - 2100 MHz
HSPA (3G) - 900 MHz

LTE-TD (4G) - 2300MHz
LTE-FDD (4G) - 1800MHz
LTE-FDD (4G) - 800MHz

What we are missing here:

LTE over 700MHz
LTE over AWS band (1700MHz-2000MHz)
LTE on 2600MHz
CDMA over 450MHz
CDMA over 800MHz
TDMA (as in China)

At present I guess no device support such long list of networks over such extended bands. 
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