Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Amazing Spiderman - A Reboot of Worth

Just a week back, I watched Hemlock Society which was almost ok, but few things which I did not like. Similarly Spiderman 4 aka The Amazing Spiderman is fun as all critics are saying but may be not for those watched first Spiderman live action film back in 2002. The main reason is first Spidey hit us ten years back, and now we are mature and the main story of Spiderman is same over the decades.

Reasons You May Get Disappointed by The Amazing Spiderman
  • Predictable storyline 
    The story of Spidey is always the same. Peter Parker is bullied at school, but got super powers when a radioactive/genetically modified spider bit him and turns to be Spiderman. 
  • Plotline is kind of weak
    I missed Uncle Ben's character, here it is too story. Also I never like to get gyaan from my girlfriend's dad. Yes Peter got some emotional/sentimental dialogues from his future father-in-law dying at the end of this film :((( And sudden end of the story!
  • No so much darker as many expected
    Well I expected a darker Spidey (which tried at 2007 Spiderman 3 but failed) just like The Batman Begins, the reboot of Batman film series by Chris Nolan.But Spiderman never even of comics deliver this darker tone. He is a teenager, romances and then a superhero!
    There are some similarities with Batman Begins, pre-hero mask used by both Peter and Bruce; Peter turns against criminals after Uncle Ben's murder by a thug and Ben was on the street to search Peter.
  • Very very short role of Irrfan KhanOnly 3 clips over the film!
Why You Should Watch This Film ?
  • 3D Experience !! Try IMAX 3D !!
  • You are Spidey's fan
  • A new villain called The Lizard
  • Good film for kids!
  • Gwen-Peter romance ;)
  • The real Spiderman - he makes his own webshooters - these are not gifts of spider bite. But he got the ability to stick to walls and a sixth sense that alerts him to danger before it happens. Dresses are also made of superior fiber :)
Conclusion - Watch it with your kids or friends, have fun, don't expect much!
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