Sunday, June 03, 2012

3G Data Pricing Goes Low - Operators Pushing 3G?

In last 2 months every operators who are offering 3G services in India have revised their 3G pricing. Breaking the ice was done by Aircel, just like they did bring true internet on 2G. But soon Airtel, Idea, Vodafone and RCom went to slash 3G data pricing. Even PSU operators - BSNL and MTNL are not late to join the 3G party.

Check out the pricing:

Check out Aircel 3G tariff
Check out Airtel 3G tariff
Check out Idea 3G tariff
Check out Vodafone 3G tariff
Check out Rcom 3G tariff
Check out BSNL 3G tariff
Check out MTNL 3G Tariff

One of the best thing happens with this tariff revision - those are to use 3G on mobile phones 1GB/2GB plans are now very much within reach - earlier which are Rs 650/750 respectively, they are now at Rs 200-250/Rs 400-450 respectively.

But frankly as I am in Kolkata, my bet on Aircel and BSNL for cheapest 3G among all.

Are pricing plans working for 3G take off ? Slashing pricing means people will now consider to use 3G. But no everyone is under 3G's radar by all operators, say Vodafone's 3G coverage is really poor compared to Reliance or Airtel or Idea, even Aircel and Reliance.

Handset is another issue. But feature phones with 3G will not work. So own branded sub6K smartphones will do the best. Idea and MTS (EVDO) are quite successful to set this trend.

Now 3G is there, but no unlimited means you will be extra cautious while you are checking youtube or any video online. Operators must add Rs 200 for unlimited YouTube browsing + watching videos. Tata Docomo sucks as Vuclip is a paid site even if you opted for a 3G pack. Operators can offers unlimited movie watching via their own portal. But at the end of the day no one like see speed throttling in the midway of movie watching session.

Operators have to bring some smart pricing for 3G like night based or dynamic pricing for 3G.  
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