Saturday, April 21, 2012

How to Track Your Shipments By One Click (Bluedart, DTDC, FirstFlight)

During my online shopping, I see that websites send me the track code of the respective courier company, so that I can inform my family at home about the estimated time of delivery.

Often the email contains only the track code, so I have to open the site of the courier, then enter the code and check the details of the shipment. I also see that the page opens with the details of the track code is no use if you bookmark it to check it for second time.

For eg, if you have shipments on Bluedart, you open and enter the waybill no and you will be taken to - you can not share this link to anyone who can check the details of the shipment, you need to send the track code along with.

So I find out that some websites are sending the links, which can be shared and with one click you can check your shipment details.

I am sharing the links:





GoJavas - updated on 03/2015

GoJavas itself is a very nice site for visiting and putting your shipment code and search from the drop down menu.

Put your track code instead of ' XXXXXXXXX' and share the modified link with anyone. Oneclick and get the details of your shipment.
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