Saturday, April 21, 2012

ABP's Online Mess Up: e-Paper of Telegraph India

ABP group sucks bigtime when it comes to online websites. (Their friends 91.9 FM also sucks, in spite of good programmes aired but whatever signal does not work at my suburban Kolkata area.) First they messed up without unicode support. After a long battle they brought unicode supported site for Anandabazar.

This time it's about their English daily - The Telegraph India. First of all does not deliver instantaneous news like TOI, NDTV, ZeeTV. Nor they have a tweet account for instant update of Kolkata news.

Telegraph India which is largest English daily in Eastern India has a website, as usual. But often I find articles on the website do not have the photographs which are present on the hard copy/print paper.

So only hope in those cases, are Telegraph's e-paper version. But the e-paper version of Telegraph India sucks. Why?

1. It requires log in to browse and read the e-paper !
2. No option for log in via Facebook or Twitter !
3. See below:
When you are logging in (taken you had registered) there is an option called Edition.
And under this, there are two options very familiar with each other - The Telegraph and TheTelegraph. This is to confused users which one to choose. On my first time, I choose the default option, and fucked up!
Note that you have to select second option - TheTelegraph to read e-paper version of The Telegraph India.

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