Sunday, March 18, 2012

Telegraph featured BBC Sherlock on t2

I watched this new contemporary Sherlock Holmes a months back, it is just awesome. I posted a status on facebook on this new SH.

Yesterday I saw new SH is featured on Telegraph India's entertainment supplementary T2. Then I feel to post on this new 21st century avatar of old sleuth. Thanks Madhumita Bhattacharyya, to cover this on T2.

When I was watching BBC Sherlock, I felt two things:

1. Indian TV channels are shit as they don't try to make a good stuff. However some Bengali telefilms aired over different Bengali TV channels are good enough, but they are not epic like BBC Sherlock.
2. Bengali detective Byomkesh should be re-written like this new Sherlock. In 2010 Anjan Dutt made a film on Byomkesh, it was commercially hit but critically failed. He made another film - Abar Byomkesh to be released this week. He must see this new adaptation of Sherlock.

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