Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Order Cancellation on Bata & Pepperfry: How Did They React?

Recently two orders by mine were cancelled over and In both cases these were the respective first order from them. I am sharing my experiences on these two sites. Just read it and I will explain why gets a +1 !

I snap +1 from , it is now pending ! 

FYI I ordered two shoes on, one delivered in 12 days.
Order Placed - March 9, 2012
Order Cancelled - March 21, 2012 sent a mail without the proper reason why the order was cancelled, they listed all probable causes behind order cancellation.
Product out of stock/defective/ Product size not available/ Payment not realized/ Non serviceable location
Certainly last two does not work in this case, as 2nd order is delivered at my place. (details below)
I don't understand why did it take so long time to declare they surrender ! :P

2nd Order on Placed - March 11, 2012
2nd Order Shipped - March 19, 2012
Bluedart Info - Pick up date March 17, 2012
Delivered on March 23, 2012
Order Placed - March 14, 2012
Order Cancelled - March 22, 2012
Money Refund - March 24, 2012

Now why Pepperfry rocks? On the mail where they informed me about the order cancellation, they mentioned the reason behind cancellation and they also offered me a discount coupon of Rs 200 to use on a minimal purchase of Rs 215!!! Even they made a call to inform this cancellation and the coupon.

Update: To use this coupon I ordered a watch (to gift) from PEPPERFRY on March 23. After the payment is done, they sent a mail saying the order will be shipped in '3 days', while 3 is in large font! It is March 27 and still no status change to shipped !!
It seems Pepperfry is messed up! This time they cancel it, I will never use them for online shopping.

This is how Pepperfry processes an order!

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