Saturday, March 17, 2012

Kolkata to be Country's first 4G City - Will Success of 2G Replicate in 4G?

Quiz time !!!

Where were first 2G services launched in India ?
Ans: Kolkata, by Modi Telstra (now Vodafone)

Where were first 3G services launched in India ?
Ans: Delhi by MTNL [Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd.]

Now without Kolkata touch 3G is yet to take off. 3G services are costly, and coverage is poor or not authentic be it BSNL or any private players. Also handsets price is also another issue. And in a whole customers did not adopt 3G.

Enter 4G! It is heard that 4G will be commercially available in Kolkata for the first time in India by Airtel. Via @ETTelecom we come to know that Kolkata circle will be managed for TD-LTE by ZTE Corp.

Journey started by 2G is now a grand success, let's see Kolkata Connection can make a success story for 4G services in India or not....

Well to make it success I love to see Muksehs Ambani has to use Monsoon Hungama on 4G too! 
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