Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Huawei India - Contact, Support, Mobile Partner v23

China-grown Huawei Technologies is a reputed telecom vendor offering CDMA & GSM phones and data card in India.

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Huawei recently launched Huawei Mobile Partner version with new stylish skins.

 This one is Chinese version as you can see some Chinese website links put on the dashboard.

You can get this one here. Note that this is a generic Mobile Partner i.e. will work with most of the Huawei data cards including CDMA-EVDO dongles. In the skin menu there is no traditional skin, and no support for USSD or voice call. Better stay away from this.

Earlier in this year Huawei launched factory unlocked HSPA data card E303c and a Wifi Router in India.

This new data card E303c is available in the market at around Rs 1750. This one also comes with Huawei Mobile Partner v 23 ( but this one includes voice, USSD options. You can download this Indianized version of Huawei Mobile Partner by visiting this link.

I tried with my E1550 modem, and this dashboard worked, so this is also generic dashboard. You can update your dashboard by downloading from the previous link.

A brief look into Indian version of new Mobile Partner:

This one is one of new skins added to new Huawei Mobile Partner.

Flash screen while loading:

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