Sunday, March 18, 2012

Few Stuffs I Like to See on Blogger

Earlier I tried to move on to Wordpress. But the time was not appropriate as then I did not have time to make posts, and as usual that bars me to explore wordpress.

After working on Wordpress theme on I feel Blogger misses some things:

1. A good spam filter
2. Blogger does not differentiate tags/levels or categories.
3. Blogger does not offer to edit inappropriate comments dropped by readers.
4. New interface of Blogger sucks as Google messed up GMail UI too. [Even new UI of Wordpress looks better than the previous one]

This is just ridiculous that Blogger can't simple take care of these stuffs.

I am obviously looking forward to move to Wordpress or my own website. While moving to Wordpress requires some technical knowlege and hosting my own site means money - I am still stick to Blogger. With time ahead I will leave Blogger at any cost for sure.
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