Wednesday, March 28, 2012

CHIP Forum is Now Tech2 Forum: RIL Link?

If you are technology, computer and internet enthusiast you must heard about CHIP magazine. Basically I was re-born to computer geek due to CHIP and Digit tech mag.

Tech2 came to my life in later time, it was a tech site dedicated to Indian audience. For me it is not so popular, but I visited it sometimes for the contests, which I never won. That time it was, later it was revamped and URL is changed to - because of the link with

It should be noted that is launched by Network18. Please visit the wikipedia page of Network18 and you will be wondered about Network18. CHIP is a product of Infomedia18, which is print mag face of Network18. So overall CHIP and Tech2 is just opposite sides of a coin. Now online forum of CHIP - is now merged with Tech2 Forum.

***Deep Understandings***
If you follow recent market trend, you must know recently Reliance Industries made some investments in Network18. This funding will help Network18's group company TV18 to cut down debt, and Network18 will acquire RIL's share and other shares of Ramoji Rao-owned Eenadu TV (ETV). The deal is kind of complex, but the real winner is Mukesh Ambani who owns Reliance Industries as RIL's wireless broadband subsidiary Infotel Broadband can now offer exclusive TV contents to its customers.

Also TV industry is facing so much pressure, many channels are in debt. Experts say consolidation is unavoidable.

I believe the CHIP-Tech2 forum merger is a part of consolidation, which will help RIL to offer or control digital space of India. [Reliance Infotel Broadband - details]

Official mail .... [I got it today, as I have an account in CHIP forum]

Hello friends,
 First off, we'd like to give our existing CHIP Forum and our Tech2 members, a very warm welcome to our new home -
 We're happy to announce that as of today CHIP Forum and Tech2 have joined forces to form one of the largest tech forums in India. The new platform runs on Vbulletin and is faster, safer, and more user friendly.
 All user profiles from the CHIP Forum have been imported to the new combined forum and most of the posts were preserved.
 If you were part of the CHIP Forum, all you need to do is reclaim your old user IDs on the new forum, by requesting a new password by clicking on this link -
 If your user ID is already taken, you also have the option of requesting for a user ID change. Do get in touch with one of the moderators or administrators on the Tech2 forum to do so.
 With this upgrade, we hope to create a much more varied and vibrant technology discussion community and reach a far wider audience than before.
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