Sunday, January 08, 2012

My P2P Connections

World of movies opened wide to me, when I got in touch with uTorrents! Torrent does not mean piracy all the time and for the people of this 3rd world countries like us torrent is a boon to taste the world cinema.

This is my favourite list of torrent sites and other sites which serves movies, music & other stuffs, in short these are my most browsed p2p connections.

Desi p2p sites: [private tracker = you must maintain the RATIO]
Ex-Desi [Den of DDR]
DesiTorrents - I recently jointed there, but BWT is best! 

TamilTorrents are also there, but often these torrents are
available on public tracker too. Also I download less these south Indian stuffs, mostly collected from my friend. For south Indian releases on TPB - check NRSADRI

Other p2p sites like DesiDhamal, DesiBBRG & others have no future, also zero forum activity, mostly porn postings and nothing new to be offered by them.

Top Uploaders on public tracker - SaM (1337x), DDR (ExtraTorrent), xRG

Special Mention: BT aka BanglaTorrents. It is a great source of Bengali stuffs, including movies, audio, ebooks.
TPB Uploader - Robin5555 but after initial enthusiasm he stopped uploading new stuffs for some days.

Foreign stuffs are easily available via Torrentz, Btjunkie. You never need a private tracker for this.

600 MB or more MKV - YIFY

With the rise of MKV format, rippers can provide 720p hi-res video at 500MB also, so if you do not watch movies on DVD player, go for MKV ones. When you start HD watching, you will never step down to basic 640 x 480 AVI. In that way the days of aXXo or FXG are ended, already FXG stopped uploading new movies on his TPB or 1337X account. NOiR continues the old flame of 700 MB Xvid films, while YiFY is seemed to be a new aXXo with his as small as 600 MB 720p rips.

Via file hosting sites: I usually avoid them due to disconnection nature of my DSL broadband and wireless 3G/EVDO broadband.

BD aka Bengali Download - a honest effort to bring bengali stuffs online, they are also trying torrent way with opentorrents. Only thing I do not like that they created a VIP zone, which requires active forum life or payment. I believe when you are creating stuffs to share, there should not be any restriction. And no one is urging you to share stuffs, so do not expect anything from them. People will greet you once they are happy with your stuffs.
Mediafirefimly - includes hindi/south Indian/hollywood stuffs in small size. 400MB mkv rips

I generally download audio(music album, singles) over direct download. Mp3hungama has a wide collection. is also good, but I do not like their naming and tagging system. is my old choice, though the site is down now. is my top destination for bollywood music, while ;, is for bengali audio. In BD there is also vast collection of bengali audio.

For bengali ebook, there was a site (then and later, now Currently the site turns into a paid avatar and delinked all old users. There is a rise of another site: is another great site to grab bengali ebooks. Old bengali ebook fav has almost been finished with no new stuffs.
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