Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Flipkart is NOT Cheap, Others Offer Cheaper than it

Flipkart is not that cheap!

When I came to know about Letsbuy.com and its coupons, I find Letsbuy is way cheaper than Flipkart. Later I also find that electronics are cheaper on Letsbuy, even if the product is at same price, Letsbuy is offering some value-for-money gifts (like Nikon P500 gets 16GB memory card on Letsbuy).

But still for books I thought Flipkart gives me ultimate deal. As COD is withdrawn from many cities by Flipkart, it has now no speciality for me.

Worst part is other online sellers are selling books at lower price than Flipkart. I recently mailed to my friends regarding the high pricing by Flipkart with an example of Desperate Dubai Flipkart @Rs 224, Tradus.in @Rs 212, and Infibeam.com @ Rs 179.

Just now I opened flipkart and choose a random book - Ohh Yes, I Am Single..! ..And So Is My Girlfriend! (Paperback)  by Durjoy Datta, Neeti Rustagi

Flipkart - Rs 65

Tradus.in - Rs 62
Indiaplaza.in - Rs 60
Infibeam.com - Rs 50

I think no need of more examples. Flipkart may be offering some books at best competitive price than others. So conclusion is always browse other sites along with Flipkart and choose the cheapest option. I had buy with all the 4 sites and no bad experience till date. It seems Infibeam is rising (recently they tied up with ABP group to sell all Ananda Publishers' Bengali book).

For electronics Letsbuy is awesome, but do not forget to check Timtara.com and Koovs.com along with the above mentioned sites.

Top Sites for Online Shopping

Flipkart, Letsbuy, Infibeam, Indiaplaza, Timtara, Tradus, Adexmart
Koovs, Snapdeal,

Special mention is Adexmart - it offers awesome prices on e-stuffs! 
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