Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Videocon GSM Mobile Services in Kolkata

So Videocon GSM services are now in Kolkata. Their network is live for months over my area [405 833]. There is no news comes as official that Videocon enters in Kolkata. Though as per COAI data they are already West Bengal and have some subscribers, just like Loop has some customers in Kolkata. I am still not sure that it is a soft launch and official launch is coming in a month.

Even the retailers are not sure about the tariff or official launch. They informed me that Videocon is still searching for a distribution channel before gearing up with its GSM launch.

The new Videocon SIM is available for Rs 10 in selected stores. It includes 350 minutes of local talktime. No details of other specs are known! 

Monday, November 28, 2011

BSNL Mobile CDMA is Already in Town

If you check Telecomtalk's mobile codes page, you will find BSNL Mobile CDMA. The fact is BSNL was offering voice over CDMA via Fixed Wireless Phone (FWP)/Wireless Landline (WLL) with 8 digit no. BSNL has started its CDMA Mobile services in circles silently.

In Kolkata BSNL is offering Mobile services on CDMA for some time. But almost zero advertisement (except from the ones in BSNL Exchanges) makes people not aware of it.

New BSNL prepaid CDMA Mobile connection comes at just Rs 20. The RUIM comes with preloaded Rs 20 talktime in main account and 30 days validity and grace period of 15 days after the 30 days. 1X data services is also pre-activated on the mobile no.

Balance can be checked by dialing 123. The PIN of the RUIM will also be SMSed when you put it on a device (mobile/modem).

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is the RUIM of OMH technology?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Reliance EVDO - It is Cool & Fast

So I started digging out EVDO/CDMA operators in my town. And see what I got with Reliance EVDO.
I was downloading stuffs via IDM and see the screenshot!

It is NetWorx graph, which is better than single IDM screenshot. Max speed was 346kBps and most of the time speed was more than 200KBps! Reliance CDMA truly rocks! :)

Well, last time I used Reliance Netconnect+ dongle and speed was merely 32kBps around, max I got 40kBps. But now Reliance truly is cool and fast!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Kolkata Mobile Operators [Updated 21 Nov, 2011]

This is my final list of 2G & 3G mobile operators commercially available in Kolkata metro telecom district. I arranged them under main mother company and CDMA/GSM brand wise. I also added Videocon and Loop, but till date their commercial services are not available, though their networks are very much alive over Kolkata for more than 3 months.

I added colors to the table to understand the 3G operators and who are offering 3G via intra-circle roaming agreements. EVDO offering by CDMA players are also added in the chart.

Note that currently there are 2 operators can offer 4G services in Kolkata - Airtel and Infotel (Reliance Industries).

Company Mobile Brands under GSM wing Mobile Brands under CDMA wing
Vodafone Essar Vodafone
Bharti Airtel
Reliance Communications Reliance GSM (earlier Reliance Smart) Reliance CDMA
Tata Teleservices Tata Docomo
Virgin Mobile GSM
Tata Docomo CDMA (Earlier Tata Indicom)
Virgin Mobile CDMA*

Idea Cellular Idea
Unitech Wireless Uninor
Sistema Shyam Teleservices MTS India
Aircel Aircel
Loop Mobile
Red/Blue  = 3G operators
Brown = offers 3G using Blue operator’s spectrum
* discontinued [details]
Purple = offers EVDO too.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Simply MTS Can Not Leave Voice Market

Recently I posted a story on Telecomtalk.info with a title of MTS Plans to Shut Down Voice Services, Our Take, as it was hinted by Cheenu Seshadri, Chief Operating Officer-South & West Region at MTS in an interview with Light Reading.

Last year he also had another interview with the Hindu, where he expressed his love for data, as he quotes: 'Our strategy is data, data and data'. 

Whoops! we know that data is the future, but right now you can not ignore voice. Though I explained on the post why, I am making it here simple and point wise to better understanding.

1. Even 4G player Reliance Infotel is looking for voice partners, so leaving voice can be suicidal. Even in rural areas there are hugh scope of market tapping, with CDMA 800 MHz spectrum MTS can reach the rural masses with cheapest handsets and special rural plans.

TechTree Reviews Ra.One, Rockstar, Kunal Guha's Review System Unscientific

Long waited SRK film Ra.One came to cinemas in Diwali 2011. With its promos it did not impress me. But I had to see this crap because of my family who wanted some celebration of Diwali+Weekend!

I watched it, but can not digest it at all! It is a super crap! That time I liked to have some expert comments! So I googled it! Taran Adarsh gave it good marks - that is kind of well gesture to SRK, and some kind of paid review as I thought.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

'Sorry, we don't sell belts for waist size larger than 40'

Be Slim, Otherwise You can't buy cloths from online shops!

Recently I came into an online shopping site for Men clothing & accessories. I got into it via a webad, which says Belt for men at Rs 249.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

My Hands-On With All GSM Data Services in Kolkata

With two 3G modems at hand – ZTE MF190 and Huawei E1550 I tried all available GSM players available at Kolkata circle. I did experimenting with their 2G packs and come to an conclusion that Uninor & BSNL is best at my home place, Barrackpore. I did not try my hands with 3G players, as they are costly and beyond the reach of most users.

Discalimer: This view is absolutely of mine, and based upon