Friday, March 27, 2009

MTS India is going to be Kolkata's 1st Phase-II Operator !

MTS India, A Sistema Shyam Company is going to launch its CDMA services in West Bengal, and probably Kolkata in April-June, 2009 !

[ I am telling 'probably Kolkata' beacuse Kolkata and WB telecom circles are different and in MTS website Kolkata is not mentioned. I think to launch services in a metro like Kolkata they don't have proper infrastructure still! ]

-::: FACTS :::-

  • Shyam Telelink Limited (STL)  is a Joint Venture between India’s Shyam Group and Russian telecom giant Sistema SSA. Later Shyam Telelink Limited, the latest entrant in the Indian telecom space changed its name to Sistema Shyam TeleServices (SSTS). Sistema (LSE: SSA) is the majority share holder in this joint venture.
  • On 30th September 2008 Shyam Telelink Limited (STL) launched their CDMA mobile services in the Rajasthan circle under the brand name ‘Rainbow’.
  • Rainbow is based on world-class CDMA 1x Based Wireless Network Technology for Voice & Data Services on Mobile & Fixed Wireless Access Equipments supported by longest Reliable (Optical) Transport Network and the latest Switching System leading to Next Generation IMS Family with the most advanced and flexible Intelligent Network (IN).
  • STL has licences and spectrum to provide mobile telephony services on the CDMA 
    platform across the country in 22 circles. Beginning with Jaipur, STL will role out pan- India operations shortly.

  • Sistema is the largest public diversified corporation in Russia and the CIS, which manages fast growing companies operating in the consumer services sector and has over 100 million customers. SSTS have a strategic tie-up with Mobile TeleSystems OJSC (MTS: NYSE: MBT) of Russia that will bring the globally acclaimed brand – MTS – to India. MTS is the largest mobile phone operator in Russia and the CIS. Under the terms of the agreement, SSTS will have the right to use the MTS brand in all its marketing communication and advertising in India
  • Sistema Shyam TeleServices (SSTS) has tied up with established players like ZTE, Huawei & Bleu to provide superior handset range & quality to its customers. The company offers pan India roaming facility to all it’s customers.

MTS India launched their CDMA services in Tamilnadu on 26th March,2009 with exclusive offers ! lifetime connection @ Rs 49 only with Rs 10 talktime, and tariff is Local 35p/min to own network and local calls to other network (includes Landlines too) @ 70p/min; STD  @ Rs. 1.40/min and all India SMS @ 50p !!

If these make you tempted , hold on ..... they are offering 10,00,000 free mins to own network (150min/day )if you recharge with Rs. 499 Voucher ! and if u calculate u will find with this pack u can call MTS2 MTS free upto their licence end -24.01.2028 !! 

Apart from this u can call MTS2 MTS free of cost for 30 days with Rs. 99 Msaver !

So this is the plan for Tamilnadu circle, offered by MTS India. 


Kolkata circle 9143x-12345, WB circle : 9153x-12345

They will start services on 30..03.2009 in Kerala ! so Keep your fingers crossed for MTS coming to West Bengal !!

** A Update: MTS India launched in Kerala with the almost same plans of Tamilnadu, so we can expect this attractive & irresistable plans in WB too !! 

Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Mobile operators in Kolkata/WB

Well guys, I'm based on Kolkata, so making a blog on the new mobile operators coming in Kolkata circle and/or WB state circle.

At present, Kolkata and WB has 6 mobile service providers.

Airtel [GSM]
Vodafone [GSM]
Reliance Communications [GSM+CDMA] (Reliance Smart is the GSM service under the licence of Reliance Mobile, a subsidary of R-Com)
Aircel [GSM]
Tata Indicom [CDMA] ( Virgin Mobile is a brand under Tata Teleservices)

and who are coming .....
Unitech Wireless (Unitech and Norway based Telenor) [acquired Kolkata & WB circle licence under Azare Properties Ltd. & Nahan Properties Pvt. Ltd. respectively] [GSM]
Datacom Solutions (Videocon and HFCL) [GSM]
MTS Telecom (Shyam Telelink and Russian Sistema) [CDMA]

Loop Telecom (formerly BPL Mobile) [GSM]
Idea Cellular [GSM] (acquired Spice Mobile and 5th Largest private operator in India)

Tata Indicom -[GSM] Virgin Mobile will also start offering GSM services with Tata GSM.

Apart from these will-be-newcomers, S Tel (Skycity Foundations and Telecom investments of Mauritius along with the partership of Batelco, Baharein Telecom company) and Swan Telecom (Dynamix Balwas Group with Emirates Telecommunications Corporation -Etisalat, largest telecom operator in the UAE ) will launch their services in some circles.

and what will be your new numbers?( lol! I know most people like new attractive offers !) visit here - Mobile Telephone Number Codes for India
thanks to Ak Sharma fot his effort!

you may also like it:

The above search box can't tell you who is owner of the no. but can tell you the location ie the circle of the mobile no. !

And now our mobile no. are like 9831X 12345, TRAI talked about introduction of another 9 ( no. will be 99831X 12345) or 8 level mobile no like '8831X 12345' but still no confirmed news on it.

Wana heard more news on Telecom?? - visit Telecom Talk !!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Antaheen - Lyrics

       hmm ..... I just watched this bengali film and i think 'bengali films are not good' - this tagging  is going to be stopped ! Antaheen is a movie not for everyone, but for Multiplex-goers (i saw it at Fame - southcity mall, kolkata)

clicking on Antaheen u can visit the official site and you will find how professional is this film !! even I use Opera , where i just typed and pressed Enter , i was sent to the right site !!

In a whole the movie is awesome - story, acting, dialogue, camera work and music ! I googled for lyrics of Antaheen but did not find perfect result ! so I am posting lyrics of2 songs of Antaheen in Bengali !

Visit their Download Section for wallpapers of Aparna Sen, Sharmila Tagore! or click on their names for seeing the wallpapers !

Read Antaheen Review from UpperStall


আমার ভিনদেশী তারা
একা রাতের-ই আকাশে
তুমি বাজালে একতারা
আমার চিলেকোঠার পাশে
ঠিক সন্ধ্যে নামার মুখেই
তোমার নাম ধরে কেউ ডাকে
মুখ লুকিয়ে কার বুকে 
তোমার গল্প বলো কাকে
আমার রাত জাগা তারা
তোমার অন্য পাড়ায় বাড়ি
আমার ভয় পাওয়া চেহারা
আমি আদতে আনাড়ি

আমার আকাশ দেখা ঘুড়ি
কিছু মিথ্যে বাহাদুরী
আমার চোখ বেঁধে দাও আলো
দাও শান্ত শীতল পাটি
তুমি মায়ের মতোই ভাল
আমি একলা টি পথ হাঁটি
আমার বিচ্ছিরি এক তারা
তুমি নাও না কথা কানে
তোমার কিসের এত তাড়া
রাস্তা পার হবে সাবধানে

তোমার গায়ে লাগে না ধুলো
আমার দু'মুঠো চালচুলো
রাখো শরীরে হাত যদি, আর জল মাখো দুই হাতে
প্লিজ ঘুম হয়ে যাও চোখে 
আমার মন খারাপের রাতে 

আমার রাত জাগা তারা 
তোমার আকাশ ছোঁয়া বাড়ি
আমি পাইনা ছুঁতে তোমায়
আমার একলা লাগে ভারি
[2+ corus1]

this is the ending song of Antaheen, sung by Anindya (lead singer of Chandabindoo)

যাও পাখি বলো হাওয়া ছলোছলো আবছায়া জানলার কাঁচ
আমি কি আমাকে হারিয়েছি বাঁকে রূপকথা আনাচ কানাচ
আঙ্গুলের কোণে জ্বলে জোনাকি , জলে হারিয়েছি কানসোনা নাকি ?
জানলায় গল্পেরা কথা মেঘ
যাও মেঘ চোখে রেখো এ আবেগ
যাও পাখি বলো হাওয়া ছলোছলো আবছায়া জানলার কাঁচ
আমি কি আমাকে হারিয়েছি বাঁকে রূপকথা আনাচ কানাচ

'Jao Pakhi' sung by Shreya Ghoshal & Pranab Biswas 

ei lyrics copy kore notepad e save korar somoy 'Encoding' option change kore 'Unicode' kore neben.

Get lyrics of  সকাল আসে নাhere