About Me

Welcome to RDB's blog!

I am Rudradeep Biswas (RDB), a medical professional from India. I did MBBS from R. G. Kar Medical College, Kolkata, India.

Presently I am attached to:
  • Nehru Memorial Techno Global Hospital, Barrackpore
Apart from my professional life, I have interest in few things. I was writing for Telecomtalk.info as senior telecom analyst. This website publishes telecom news targeted to Indian audience. Want to read all articles by me on Telecomtalk? head over to http://telecomtalk.info/author/rdb/

[Update: I am no longer writing on Telecomtalk regularly. If I publish a story over there as a guest writer, it also posted over here, on this blog after some time.]

I have special interest in photography. Check my photographs for Google Earth on Panoramio.

I am currently based in Barrackpore, though lives at Belgachia, Kolkata.

Connect me on facebook: rudradeep.biswas
Connect me on twitter: @rudrodyp

---------------Photographer Me!-----------------
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If you find anything abusing or whatever; or you need to contact me for any reason catch me over facebook or twitter or just drop a comment! 

Last of all let me make it clear, this blog is not linked to any group of companies or any punjabi bhangra band.