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Kabab Gully of Calcutta at Zakaria Street and Phears Lane

Ramzan is just ended, and the zeal over Kolkata's Kebab street Zakaria street is growing year by year. This is 4th July of 2017 and we had Ramzan on 25-26th June. During the Ramzan days I had a visit into Zakaria St. without any homework. I just googled it and visited the damn place - directly through the Nakhoda Masjid's gate on Central Avenue, opposite to Md. Ali Park. I just went straight and soon met the crowd of Ramzan, the narrower street by the middle-of-the-road stalls across the Zakaria st, till the road ended at Rabindra Sarani and Nakhoda Masjid crossing.

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But I found that the top food stalls during Ramzan days over there are Dilli 6 and Tashkeen, full of crowd from all over the Calcutta. These two are selling mostly chicken items.

The old charms like Bombay Hotel, Sufia, Yadgar Hotel (who serve beef) are hidden by the stalls and crowd.

However on 4th of July, I took a revisit with an old friend of mine. Now I made some homework - read some articles over internet, saw some youtube video. So this time I started the journey from Phears Lane to Zakaria st.

The road map is here: Google Maps 

Guide: Start from New CIT Road (starting point, or point A), opposite to Central Metro Medical College Gate. On point B take a right turn. and continue straight across the Phears Lane. On point B you can smell the charcoal burnt meat. As you continue across Phears lane, you can see the road turns narrower distally. At point C it is Adam's Kebab shop and go straight. At point D it's Dilshop Kebabwala. .From here you take right and soon left to reach point E i.e. the famous Zakaria street. From there go straight - at point F it's Dilli 6 and Taskeen's. At point F it's Bombay Hotel and if you go further straight it's Nakhoda Masjid and Rabindra Sarani crossing. 

Just stare diagonally from Bombay Hotel, you can see Taskeen and Dilli 6 - they are strictly no beef and fully operational during Ramzan days. Post Eid you can find lacklustre two foodjoints, with almost no customers.

There are several Youtube video on Zakaria street. However I find this one (link) from Indrajit Lahiri is best to guide you.

What not to miss during Phears Lane and Zakaria Street Food Walk:

1. Adam's Kebab - Boti and Sutli Kebab

Md. Salauddin Niazi is the head and hand of this small kebab shop and he has some magic to melt the fibrous beef meat into soft juicy kebabs.

As we visited this place, he was making Suta Kebabs and on asking we came to know that Boti Kebabs will be made later. It's something like we saw in the parar chop er dokan. Phase by phase he prepares suta and boti kebab.

Suta Kababs are grilling.... 

Suta/Sutli Kebab

2. Hazi Nizammuddin's Gulab Jamun

We skipped this desert part as both of us are not fond of misti.

3. Dilshad's Kebabs - Khiri kebab and Dahi Kebab

Dilshad's kebab shop has no hoarding, and I am sure that unless you had a visit here previously you will miss it for first chance. Just like the parar best cha er dokan people gather here for best of kebabs - Khiri and Dahi kebab. 

Kheeri Kebab

Dahi Kebab

4. Bombay Hotel - Beef bhuna and Beef Chanp 

Bombay Hotel is one of the oldest eatery house which is often ignored due to Sufia and Royal. On the Ramzan days you can have the haleem. But on regular days Bombay serves tandoori rooti, beef bhuna, beef keema, and beef chanp which beats any five star hotel's cuisines by 10 goals. Don't go by its ambience or cleanliness.

I tried their bhuna, and it is marvelously awesome. And I am telling you it's not rich but you can feel the spices and that heavenly goodness.

Tandoori Rooti @Bombay Hotel

Beef Bhuna @Bombay Hotel
Last but not the least there is another hotel called Yadgar Hotel. Though it's not at par with Bombay Hotel, it makes some good beef dishes like Dal Ghost and Beef Keema. Basically it's a pice hotel and most visitors are local and regular.

Photos | Ramzan Day | Zakaria Street

Bihari Food Corner at Zakaria during Ramzan. These kind of stalls are on temporary basis, they came only during Ramzan days. On a normal day you never this stall. 

Dilli 6 is full of fumes from the coal oven. Grilling in the full swing... !!! 

Taskeen - Chickens are being marinated.... 

Taskeen - Chickens are being marinated....  a close up!! 

Chicken Fry are being cut into pieces @Taskeen 

Pride of Taskeen - a Sample Menu !! 

Breads, breads and breads! #Ramzan #Zakaria

Zakaria is not only for meat, bread and sweets, you can find many cloth shops there. 

Dry fruits ! 


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