Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Jio's Wireless Data Goes Commercial, Jio MyFi Review

While we are waiting for Jio to announce its commercial launch, Jio has actually launched part of its services commercially. That's data services i.e. wireless broadband from Jio via WiFi hotspots has already been launched.

Though Jio has kept mum, almost 2 weeks back all Reliance Digital stores started selling MiFi devices with out any invitation, referral codes or anything. You walk into the store, pay Rs 2899, Rs 1999, submit your ID proof and a passport size photo and you get the device. But the device does not come with a SIM card itself, rather you will get the SIM once your KYC documents are verified.

 ** Update: On 1st September Mukesh Ambani has removed the curtain over Jio. Jio services will be free to all customers till 31st December 2016. Post that you can use Jio prepaid or postpaid plans. The plans are coming with unlimited voice & text, plus data (with unlimited data in night and WiFi data to be used on JioNet public WiFi networks). 

Once verified you will get a text from Jio on your mobile and then visit the store again to collect the SIM. This whole procedure takes 3-4 days generally, but it might take upto 10 days. In my case I got the text on 6th day. Note that you can't select a number - Jio will allot a no. to you.

As you've got the SIM, it's time to activate it. Call to 1800 1977 from any phone/mobile or dial 1977 from your Jio number.

The activation process is straight forward and simple. However there are stuffs you should know (I found it later) :
1. Calling 1800 890-1977 will activate data option only.
2. Dialling 1977 will activate both voice & data.

I was not able to call to 1977 or 1800 890-1977 from the SIM, hence I activated the SIM by dialing 1800  890-1977 from my MTS no. Data got activated but Jio Preview Offer is still to be activated despite I have all Jio apps. Jio Join could not able to make a call.

|| JioFi2 Unboxing ||

So I put Jio SIM on the JioFi2 device and installed all Jio apps via MyJio app on my smartphone. Once I switched on the device, I started receiving texts from Jio regarding the JPO is activated, and other Jio services are activated for free for next 90 days.

You can manage your device at http://jiofi.local.html​

The device has two UI - with and without Jio SIM card.

Without Jio SIM : the UI looks like this:

** I checked the SIM on my Redmi Note 3, and found that though data is connected, it shows that my data usage is over and brings me to a webpage of Jio's website where I can recharge.

So the Jio SIM that comes with JioFi device will not work on smartphones. However the SIM which carries a 10 digit mobile number is being used while you call via Jio Join using JioFi WiFi.

Though Jio has its own NetVelocity app, and I can test via popular, I preferred to check it on my desktop. No app, no special software - just downloaded a 220 MB of avast! free antivirus offline installer from and kept NetWorx running to capture the details of the bandwidth.

A 200MB+ sized file to be downloaded, it took around 1 minute 40 seconds on Jio LTE network. NetWorx recorded maximum downlink is 2.91 MB/s ( = 23.28 Mbps) while average transfer rate was 2.10 MB/s ( = 16.8 Mbps)

The graph of downlink during the downloading can be seen below: 

As per the information from the Router, during this time Jio network was latched to 20MHz of 2300MHz (Band40). 

It also recorded the max downlink as 20.16Mbps and max. uplink 7.17Mbps. 

* Uplink information is based on my uploads to Zomato/Facebook.

Check out results:

Using Jio's Netvelocity App: 

At Barrackpore, my home town near Kolkata there are all three LTE networks of Jio over 2300/1800/850MHz (i.e. Band 40/5/3) are live. On 1800MHz the downlink is around 7-10Mbps while 850MHz gives around 3-8Mbps. 

Speedtest on Jio LTE - FDD on 1800MHz (5MHz) :

Speedtest on Jio LTE-FDD on 5MHz x 1800MHz 

Note: Initially Jio started selling MyFi devices to owners of HP computers, later Jio makes it open to all - that's commercial launch but silently.

Regarding this device, Jio also sent emails to Reliance One card holders.

While Jio is selling the new MiFi device, initially they were offering another model - probably ZTE made to its employees. Have a look:

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