Sunday, May 08, 2016

Reliance CDMA to Reliance 4G - Answers to FAQ

Reliance Smart SIM Kit for 4G | LTE

So keeping a Reliance CDMA RUIM working turns out to be great, as I got offer from RCom to jump into their 4G services. Well I have got my Reliance Smart 4G SIM 1 days back.

Officially the SIM comes at Rs 25 and the RCV priced as Rs 96 in Kolkata. However the total package costs me Rs 198 in total.

-- New 4G SIM Activation -- 

If you are GSM subscriber of Reliance Mobile, you can't get the 4G SIM. The SIM is available to existing CDMA customers only. Also note that Reliance stopped selling new CDMA connections.

Right now you can't use the new SIM, rather once you recharge with the migration RCV you will get 1GB EVDO data, unlimited offnet and 150 min onnet calling for 30 days. My core balance is carried forwarded but no promo packs are taken away. From now the default call charge is 2paisa per second.

Till now nobody is sure about when Reliance will launch 4G. But when it is launched they will notify me via text to my old RUIM and that might be by middle of May this year. And then I can start using new 4G SIM, and post migration I will get another unlimited offnet and 150 min onnet calling for 30 days, along with 1GB 3G/EVDO data and 10GB 4G data.

Here is the confusion again, I asked at Reliance Store whether this 2nd time 1GB is 3G or EVDO. The lady said it's 3G. So I asked her so voice calls on Reliance 4G will be routed through Reliance GSM. She can't confirm it. But at the same time she said there will no CDMA services once 4G is launched, but WiPod or Pro3 devices (Reliance's Rev B services) will continue to work till the end of 2016.

When Reliance started sending invitations to migrate to 4G to CDMA customers, on my Reliance CDMA prepaid number I received texts from MTS for port in invitation.

So until Reliance-MTS merger happens officially, MTS will continue its CDMA operations and will take up Reliance's Rev B services for time being.

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