Monday, July 04, 2016

Living with Redmi Note 3

I am always a fan of CDMA data - they are just smooth, like imported scotch! However using CDMA EVDO data on smartphone came to me a bit late. I started using a imported Boost Mobile HTC Desire 510 with my MTS connection since August 2015. The phone was good with few issues. Data is working flawlessly with Reliance CDMA and MTS both.

Why Redmi Note 3 then? Answer is why not! It supports CDMA, unofficially and runs on MIUI.

I planned for RN3 3Gi/32Gi but did not get one, thanks to Xiaomi's shitty flash sale. After 2 tries, I bang on RN3 2Gi/16Gi from

When I got RN3, I did not put SIM/RUIM in it, and started using it over WiFi. My Google got registered, contacts, Gmail and all Google apps synced without any problem.

Then I put Reliance/MTS ruim, RN3 recognized them and voice & data started working but no data.

I found that RN3 does not have a MEID no, and probably that's why data not working.

Post-Reset Sync Issue

Then I did a reset with mts ruim inside. Post reset I could not able to link my Google id to RN3 while connected over WiFi. As suggested, I brought out the Ruim and over WiFi Google account got synced.

Regarding data issue I talked to MTS CC. What they said to reactivate data on my no. Called 1925 -> select language & deact internet 0 & react internet 1 -> press 1. IVR says data will be activated in 4 hours.

Got a text from YD-MTSVAS shortly, " Your activation request for PDSN 1X has been successfully processed. Thank you."

[On I found these moving text: To activate data services on your MTS mobile, call or SMS < START > on 1925 (toll-free) & to deactivate call or SMS < STOP > on 1925  (toll-free) from your MTS number. ]

Thankfully my EvDo rev A was not scrapped by it as I checked on HTC Desire 510.

Testing with GSM SIMs

Right now I don't have a Micro or Nano SIM. Hence I had to cut my !dea regular SIM to Micro SIM.

The cut was not near perfect, but serves me well.

In Kolkata Idea has some pretty cheap 3G data packs. I recharged Rs 146 and got 1GB for 28 days. The SIM was detected fast and data connection is established without any issue. APN settings was taken automatically. The speed was as usual - ranging between 2Mbps - 4Mbps.

Latest Update of MIUI v7.3.2.0.LHOMIDD is received on 17th May, 2016. This is the third OTA update on Redmi Note 3 I received.

Another update OTA in June 14th :

June-end #1

June-end #2

27th July - 172 MB

Since 23rd August, 2016 Xiaomi started global roll out of MIUI 8. 
On 26th August I received the update on RN3.

Post update >>>>

Know more about MIUI 8 : XiaomiNinja | Design Comparison with MIUI 7 | 


Sample Photos taken by RN3

auto mode

sunset mode

How to enable USB Debugging mode: 

Settings → About Phone → tap 7 times on MIUI version

Developer option will be open for you. 

Again to main Settings → Additional Settings → Developer options

This story was first posted on May 4, 2016 and afterthat I am keeping it updated. 
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