Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Jionet App Review (for Jionet WiFi Users)

Jionet, an app from Jio Digital is for Jionet WiFi users. It's similar to Ozone Connect app.

However it requires logging in too. But you can log in with out Jio Id, as like accessing Jionet needs your mobile no, Jionet app can be used with your mobile no. As soon as you feed it your mobile no, Jio will send you a OTP for log in. The best part I feel, under the hood of Jionet app, OTP is sent your mobile no. as a sms very fast compared to manually web log in to Jionet WiFi.

OKay, you can also check nearest Jio Store and nearest WiFi Hotspot from your location.

On 10th April I tried to use Jionet at Shyambazar, as I had used Jionet at this locality earlier but found that not a single hotspot alive.

Jionet is loading ....

Log in (Jio ID)

Log in (with mobile no)

Logging in ...  (OTP is sent to your mobile no, and Jionet will try to get it automatically and auto log in will happen)

Jionet - Menu :

Jionet - About :

Jionet has offered free WiFi at selected Cricket Stadiums during T20 WC. Kolkata's Eden Gardens got  also. Jionet shows there are 500+ hotspot installed. 

Jionet WiFi coverage around Park Street, Kolkata :

Jionet Coverage in Esplanade/Dharmatala : 

Jionet WiFi Coverage - Kolkata Overview (not showing all WiFi Hotspots)

Update (06th May 2016) :::  Note that Jionet's listing of WiFi zones are not completely updated. Yesterday I was in Salt Lake City Center (or CC 1) and I found that Jionet WiFi is available there. But Jionet app does not show that it is present around CC1. 

From the pictures below you can understand what I mean to say.

For Apple users, check this out: 

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