Saturday, January 09, 2016

Paper Vouchers of Mobile Companies - A Look Back

Paper vouchers from mobile service providers were some interesting stuffs in those days. Last week I was rearranging my room and found some of them saved as a precious goodies by me.

Well Jio is coming, India is going to be Digital. Ask yourself when did you buy a paper voucher last time? If you do it regularly still now, when did you see the full sized visiting card shaped paper vouchers? For everybody, get nostalgic !!

Friday, January 08, 2016

Ten Key Trends to Follow in 2016 in Indian Telecommunications

The year of 2016 will bring some stuffs very much new to Indian telecom and will probably make right path to the fate of the industry. Definitely 4G LTE will be the biggest game changer in this year. Jio's commercial 4G LTE launch over multiple spectrum bands with lots of in house concepts as well as tons of stuffs to be consumed it'll be spectacular to see how Jio will manage RIL's most ambitious business venture that was started just from a scratch.

Let me tell you the key trends to see in 2016 in Indian telecom.

Monday, January 04, 2016

Airtel's Data Topup Packs May Have Many Takers

To engage data revolution, I suggested some steps can be taken by mobile operators. Two of them, first to offer double data on night usage and second to offer data topup without any validity has been by Airtel.

Now Airtel's data topups, which are promoted as no validity data packs, are trashed down by many as they offer very low amount of data.

However I believe Airtel may get some active data users on its network. Take this example, you have WiFi at home and office and so you need cellular data connectivity only when you are travelling from home to office and vice versa.

Airtel plans to fill this gap as during the travel you can opt this packs for low volume data session with mail & messaging.

We can hope others would come with such plans with more data.