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Reliance Jio - Latest Stories ( August 2015 )

Reliance Jio Infocomm, the telecommunication arm of Reliance Industries is all set to begin commercial operations by December 2015. Though we are yet to know the official launch date there are some updates regarding Reliance Jio's progress towards the commercial roll out. 

Cheap 4G Smartphones under ReConnect Branding

Before Jio's data services come to market, as early as by middle of September this year RIL will launch LTE-TD handsets (Android smartphones, mostly) for everyone - from Rs 5000 to Rs 25000 price bracket. It will have it's own branding - ReConnect, which is already rolled out as Reliance Digital stores are selling such smartphones and tablets (made by OEM). Jio has tested devices (dongles, WiFi Hub, smartphones, tablets and others) from 28 OEMs. It is expected that Jio's ReConnect smartphones will have both LTE-TD (2300MHz) and LTE-FDD (1800MHz and 800MHz) support. I am not sure these smartphones would support 2G CDMA or GSM network, however expect VoLTE in-built. Jio will rely heavily on its existing Reliance Digital platform to reach masses. 

VoLTE in the kitty - Nokia to help with IMS Deployment

There is reports from Nokia Networks that they have made a deal with Reliance Jio. The 2-year contract, valued approx. $100 million is for IP multimedia system (IMS) deployment which will help Jio to bring VoLTE easily on its 4G LTE network.

Beta launch of Jio 4G

Time of India reported that Jio has started its beta launch of 4G services among Jio employees since 15th August, 2015. 

Dual LTE Platform

As it seems Jio may come up with dual LTE platform - LTE-TD on 2300MHz and LTE-FDD on 1800MHz. LTE-FDD on 800MHz will come once spectrum sharing deal with Reliance Communications (owned by Mukesh Ambani's brother Anil Ambani) is cracked. 

JIONET - Free WiFi in Lucknow

Continuing the commitment with state governments Jio has launched its free WiFi 'Jionet' in Lucknow on 17th August. Earlier Jio has launched such services in Ahmedabad, Surat, Kolkata and other cities across the country. 

update: Bhubeneswar also is in under Jionet WiFi network. The capital of Orissa has 4 locations under Jionet coverage.

RIL's Payment Bank - One Step to Cashless Digital India

RIL has received licenses to set up 'Payment Bank' along with Airtel, Vodafone, PayTM, Aditya Birla Group (Idea Cellular), Tech Mahindra, India Post and others. Many financial experts believes payment banks approval by Reserve Bank of India will be a game changer in Indian economics - a bigger storm than in 1990s when private banks were allowed to do business. Jio already rolled out an app for such purpose - Jio Money (available to Jio Chat users, as of now). Jio Money makes the transaction cashless, can transform your smartphone into virtual ATM and can reach the last miles via wireless route. & .jio is yet to be alive. There are unconfirmed updates that RIL will use .jio domain name for their all online properties. 

However lands to where RIL places Jio as a medium to bring digital revolution in India. There is a must-watch video which is quite inspirational. The page also tells about the focus of Jio - 'Reliance Jio promises to shape the future of India by providing end-to-end digital solutions for businesses, institutions and households and seamlessly bridging the rural-urban divide.'

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