Wednesday, August 05, 2015

BiswaBangla Net - Another free WiFi Zone at Kolkata

Last week I had an visit at Charnock Hospital, near Haldiram- VIP Road. One of close person was operated for TURP, and as schedule was after 10pm, I reached there around 11:40pm. While waiting outside the OT Complex, I found that there is a open WiFi network around. 

I can't remember when WiFi on the strech of Biswa Bangla Sarani was announced (probably in the winter of 2014-15), however after trying Tata Docomo, Ozone and RJio's WiFi I once found it's a free internet (for 30minutes, though) zone (of Kolkata) I got interested to check that out. 

** In June 2014 HIDCO announced this WiFi services across the 10.5 Km stretched Major Arterial Road connecting Airport to Saltlake sector V. The road is also announced as green corridor where no billboard is allowed. There is a plan to extend Wifi services on another 6 Km to Chigrighata crossing on EM Bypass. In January 2015 the services become open for public use. **

'BiswaBanglaNet' is the name of Wifi network, detected by my phone. It's an open network - but to access internet you need to log in (web log in).

  • It offers 30 min of free usage
  • User registration is same as Ozone/Tata Docomo/Jionet - you give your mobile no, receive a text from DZ-BBSNET with username (your mobile no) and password. On the log in page, you can the see counter of 30 minutes.
  • The whole service is managed by HIDCO.
  • Log in pages: 
  • There is another page:

IP Adress:

However the location was not properly detected. Moreover it's found to be backed by Reliance Communications' OFC network. 


 Login page

After loggin in, a counter runs to remind you how many minutes left of your free 30 minutes.

Speed is just standard, max speed ~300 kB/s, average speed 120kB/s

This review is made in a very short time, if you want to know more or want to share more details please comment! 
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