Wednesday, May 06, 2015

What is 404-999 3G Network Live Across India?

At a point you may find that 404-999 is a 3G network live at your area while you are manually setting the network. There is no name of this network. Many thought about it's existing cellular operators testing 3G/UMTS over 900MHz. 

However the mystery is now unveiled. It's actually Indian Air Force (IAF)'s own 3G network, named as Air Force Cellular. 

This Rs 300 cr WCDMA enabled cellular network was launched in October 2013 with collaboration with HCL and Alcatel Lucent India. IAF has given more than 1 lakh mobile phones to its personnel of the rank of Sergeants and above to connect and provide secure 'end-point' connectivity to the air warriors deployed across the country. In the phase I of this project the network was limited to New Delhi NCR, but phase II is of expanding the network across the country.

As my home town has a strong IAF base station, I am always getting a strong 404-999 network while manually searching for networks.

update: In February 2016 I went to Bangalore and lived in Marathathalli which is very near to old HAL airport (and now flight testing zone). There is also strong signal of this network. 

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