Wednesday, April 08, 2015

O-zone WiFi : Aims to Reach Indians with WiFi

Delhi headquater-ed Ozone WiFi is an ISP of India with ISP cat A license. Ozone was founded by Sanjeev Bobby Sarin in 2007. Unlike other ISPs, Ozone is unique in a way that it offers internet services over WiFi. Anybody who have WiFi enabled devices can access internet over Ozone WiFi. Presently Ozone is the largest public WiFi service provider in the country.

In April 2011, Ozone was in talks with several mobile operators - Vodafone, Airtel, Aircel and Idea for data offload to its WiFi network. The deal did not happen.

In January 2012, Google partnered with Ozone to promote Google+. When a person is on Ozone Wifi he would have free unlimited access on Google+ and access to Youtube (specific videos free for 10 min/day). The deal worked for 90 days.

On November, 2014 Ozone signed an agreement to Ericsson to deploy later's small cells on Ozone's WiFi network. This is a part of Ozone's extensive network expansion. Currently Ozone has 2000 hotspots active across the country, and in next 3 years Ozone is targeting to have 30,000 WiFi hotspots.

In November 2014 there was talk of the air that UK firm New Call Telecom is picking up a substantial stake. New Call Telecom has investments in Nimbuzz - a multi messenger chat application. Both Ozone and NCT are waiting for FIPB's approval. 

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Ozone now offers 30 minutes of free usage on its WiFi network. Check the user review here
Recently the company has launched a new App - Ozone WiFi which will connect your phone automatically to its WiFi network. Ozone WiFi App will be reviewed very soon. 

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