Tuesday, February 10, 2015

WiFi Based ISP at Barrackpore

Location : Barrackpore

SPEEDNET - open wifi network.

5 such networks found - PANPARA, WIRELESS PARA, SECTOR 1, SECTOR 3 (equipment company is Ubiquiti Networks), RUIYA (by Routerboard.com).
* Earlier all of them were detected as 'Meghbela Broadband'

DIGINET 5G - one network, euipment from Ubiquiti.

WISHNET wifi (at Atindra Cinema?) - single network. Once found, later it's not found.

** Though these are open, here authentication is done with your device's MAC address. So unless you're subscribed to them you can't connect to these networks.

** Recently people found 'Jionet' Wifi network (secured). It's Reliance Jio's Wifi service.
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