Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ozone WiFi Review

Public Wifi is getting traction in India. Several companies are investing money to make money from Public Wifi services. Among them Tata Teleservices and Ozone WiFi is have prominent background.

Recently WB's CM announced that Reliance Jio will offer free Wifi at different parts of Kolkata metro, starting from Park Street Area.Though it's a more of a political statement I don't think offering Park Street at first is a wise decision. Jio would launch services from Salt Lake Sector V - the IT district of the metro.

In my earlier post I shared my experience of using 20 minutes of free access to Tata Docomo WiFi at KFC. Now it's O-zone time!

Note that Ozone became country's largest WiFi service provider in 2013, and by that time Google pushed its Google+ service over Ozone Wifi for free access. 

I used O-zone Wifi at McDonalds of Mani Sq, Kolkata

Accessing O-zone Wifi is just easy as using Tata Docomo WiFi was. Switch on your WiFi connectivity on your device, you will find O-zone Wifi active. 

Connect to this open connection, and try to open any page. You will be landed on O-zone & McD's log in page. Type down your mobile no where they will send the password for logging in. Type the password and you will be logged into for using internet over O-zone's WiFi, free for first 30 minutes (10 minutes more than Tata Docomo Wifi). 

The user experience is better than Tata Docomo Wifi, may be because of the fact KFC sells better than McD at this location. Speed is more than 2Mbps (i.e. 256 KB/s +). Result:

Toll free helpline : 1800 102 7077
office helpline: 011 4612 7777

Detailed Analysis was posted first on Telecomtalk
IP range was in 122.163.x.x.

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