Monday, February 02, 2015

!DEA 3G Review at Kolkata

really?, Not really.

Thought 3G-ICRA is yet under discussion, A-Vo-Id group is launching 3G over circles where they have no 3G spectrum. Thus !DEA 3G was launched in Kolkata.

I took a SIM, popped  it on my mobile after 4-7 days after documentation. 

After doing the first 3G recharge (Rs 123 - 1GB, 30 days) the network automatically chooses 'Vodafone 3G Roaming'. On manual selection it detects as IDEA 3G; on network name on front screen it's "Vodafone IN | !dea".
So you are accessing 3G on roaming mode, that's why you need to enable Data Roaming on settings. If you manually want to set 3G network, you will find IDEA 3G instead of Vodafone 3G. 

The best part is you will not have manually select 3G and 2G every time if you are on Auto Mode. Remaining 3G data balance can be checked dialing *125#.

First I checked its speed with Jio Experience app - speed was awfully bad. Download was initially below 400kbps and uplink is below 500kbps. 

#1 Ciqual Insight Speed Test

Latitude/longitude: 22.61, 88.39

On WiFi
Ping time: 171 ms
Download speed: 555 Kbps
Upload speed: 248 Kbps

/#2 Ciqual Insight Speed Test

Latitude/longitude: 22.61, 88.39

On WiFi
Ping time: 171 ms
Download speed: 542 Kbps
Upload speed: 349 Kbps

#3 Ciqual Insight Speed Test

Latitude/longitude: 22.60, 88.38

Ping time: 233 ms
Download speed: 1.8 Mbps
Upload speed: 179 Kbps

#4 Ciqual Insight Speed Test

Dum Dum
Latitude/longitude: 22.64, 88.42

Ping time: 196 ms
Download speed: 3.4 Mbps
Upload speed: 1.1 Mbps

However on real time download it's average 200-400kBps. 

Max speed I recieved is 684KBps.

While using the SIM on dongle, I found the QoS on MDMA is restricted to 8640/8640 Mbps. 

Interestingly while connected laptop via Mobile's WiFi Hotspot, the speed I experienced on laptop was not so good and fluctuated a lot.

Anyhow I could not able to access internet even after connection was established while using the SIM on a dongle connected to my laptop. 

Downloading Citrio Browser installer - checked for 1 minute.

Max download speed 220KB/s. Avg 77.6KB/s

Screenshot @laptop #2 :
Downloading a mp3 from - checked for 30 seconds.

Max download speed - 126KBps and Avg download speed 93.6KBps. 

Check out the graph during these 2 sessions.

No 3G/4G review is not complete, without a test. Here it is:

1. Best Ping Server (auto choice):

2. My Nearest Server - Kolkata, hosted by Vodafone India
3. Server at Mumbai, hosted by Reliance Jio Infocomm

Overall Impression: ***/5
Average Download Speed: 200-400 KB/s
New Launch Offer: 1GB 3G data for Rs 123 for both existing and new customers.
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