Sunday, January 25, 2015

Will Reliance Close Down CDMA Business?

For more than 1 year, RIMWEB guys (r-cdma & cdma fanboys) started a topic on its forum that Rcom's cdma network is crumbling. Many reported that issues of poor network signals on R-cdma (including voice over 1x & data over EvDO). Many expressed the view that Rcom is winding up their cdma operations. At the same time Rcom is also shutting down many of their stores.

So all it lead me to think about merger of Rcom & Rjio. As Rjio has almost 0% market share, their merger is always legal, though merged entity has to return some of spectrum on 1800 Mhz band. And in the upcoming spectrum auction Rjio will pay to retain 800Mhz band.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Karri Klub - Barrackpore's first Restaurant to offer Free WiFi & Ordering via Android App

KARRI KLUB is a unique restaurant in Barrackpore region, my home town. It's where first I was served sizzlers outside Kolkata. It's USP is multiple cuisines and thumbs up food quality. 

It is now offering free WiFi on its cafe zone - ADDA CAFE (the rooftop). 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Internal Letters Confirms Jio-BSNL Deal

Back in August 2014 media reported about BSNL-Jio deal that Jio will lease out BSNL's 40,000 towers for 4G roll out.

However none of the parties said anything on the deal. There was no press release from Jio. Anyway with several supported documents it seems that Jio's deal with BSNL is beyond just towers.

Jio is leasing out data links - P2P links of 45Mbps in north east. As the internal letters of BSNL reveals that on 04/12/2014 Jio asked for 4 x 45Mbps P2P links in Manipur (2 arranged at first), 2 in Nagaland (none arranged), and 7 in Arunachal Pradesh (only 1 arranged). On 23/12 GM BSNL sent letters to respective SSAs to take care of the issues personally.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Mystery 2G Network (404-00) Live over Kolkata.

Few days back my fellow twitter user Iman Aryon informed me about a new 2G network available over Kolkata - 404-00 or INA-00.

Earlier this code was allotted to MTS India in Rajasthan, we got informed by MTS that they are not testing.

Then who is it? We are yet to know.

In the mean time, ITU Mobile Codes says 404-00 is alloted to Dishnet Wireless/Aircel, Madhya Pradesh and Shyam Telelink/MTS India has 405-00 in Rajasthan.

As Airtel got 900MHz band spectrum in Kolkata in last auction, they could start 3G testing. (note that Idea will roll out 3G on 900MHz in Delhi in April, 2015) But then why it's showing 2G only.

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Consolidation in Multiplex Chains in 2014

Consolidation is a good thing when an industry fails to sustain its smaller members or failed bigboys. Though I am more interested in telecom, the recent consolidation move in multiplex industry made me thrilled.