Tuesday, September 02, 2014

It's Different Music & I like it #1

These days I am too busy, and once I get back to home it's music hunt. Thanks to Alliance's true unlimited broadband at home I check out different types of music over internet. I just avoided Youtube, because it's uncool if someone do like only audio. Soundcloud is the option for them.

Disclaimer: If you don't like Indian music, stay away !!

Here is the list where I found some of best music.
Note that this list contains mostly cover maker singers !

Arjun - YT

Shankar Tucker - YT

Jonita Gandhi/ Akash Gandhi
  jonitamusicYT 88keystoeuphoriaYT

Mikey McCleary (wiki)

If you don't know him, watch out the video below. Mikey is the man behind this jingle and many others including some of the best TVC of Vodafone India. Also know as The Bartender, Mikey already has 4 albums launched - Classic Bollywood: Shaken not Stirred (2011), B Seventy (2013), Classic Bollywood With A Twist (2014) and TV Dinners (2014) 

Soundcloud | At present his youtube presence is over SonyIndiaVEVO's timeline

Sanam - YT

Indigenous Band - YT

Shirley Setia - YT

MoHit - YT
The Gunshot & MoHit - YT

Shaa'ir and Func - SouClou

Shaa'ir and Func (sometimes stylised as "S+F") are an alternative, electronic music duo from Mumbai, composed of Monica Dogra and Randolph Correia in 2007

I am also watching the singles of Punjabi music over Youtube, a lot of them are too promising and of awesome music. That'll be covered in next posts.
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