Monday, September 08, 2014

Reliance CDMA Netconnect+ Tariff [September 2014] - Get 24 GB for Rs 999

Reliance has revised its Netconnect+ offerings. Now enjoy 24GB for Rs 999 on prepaid!

Reliance Netconnect+ device price: Rs 799
Bandwidth: Downlink upto 3.1 Mbit/s and uplink upto 1.8Mbit/s

Reliance has wide CDMA coverage as well as EVDO rev A coverage. But at the same time MTS India and Tata Docomo Photon has launched next gen EVDO technology - EVDO Rev B phase II and phase I respectively. MTS currently offers upto 9.8 Mbit/s download speed, while Tata Docomo Photon offers upto 6.2Mbit/s.

Friday, September 05, 2014

Happy Teachers' Day - Beautiful Flipkart Newsletter

Today is 5th September, and it's Teachers' Day in India.

Flipkart sent a beautiful newsletter which just dropped into my inbox.
Check this out:

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

It's Different Music & I like it #1

These days I am too busy, and once I get back to home it's music hunt. Thanks to Alliance's true unlimited broadband at home I check out different types of music over internet. I just avoided Youtube, because it's uncool if someone do like only audio. Soundcloud is the option for them.

Disclaimer: If you don't like Indian music, stay away !!

Here is the list where I found some of best music.
Note that this list contains mostly cover maker singers !

Arjun - YT

Monday, September 01, 2014

Future of Mobile Virtual Players is Bright in India, Provided Regulations at Place

In my last article I explained how Indian ventures via 'PSEUDO-MVNO' route failed to sustain. But in the changed situation in the telecom sector, which includes less competition, exit of most new operators, power to incumbents, standardized tariff regime, expansion of 3G coverage & hence more uptake, upcoming 4G based mobile broadband, agressive growth of mobile internet in urban areas, interest in mobile internet in rural areas, gross difference between rural & urban teledensity and establishment of a new government believing in corporate work culture; the market can find a sustainable & profitable niché for mobile virtural network operators.

There are few steps are needed to boost this never-properly-explored segment of Indian telecom.

A Proper Rules & Regulations for MVNO:
Government of India is yet come up with a proper policy for MVNO. Once it comes, several companies from domestic & overseas market may be interested to enter in India via MVNO. But nobody knows when the final outcome would come in.

MVNO in India #1: 'Not Truly' MVNO Failed in Most Cases

Though MVNO is not legally approved in India, there are several trials of MVNO-like or Pesudo-MVNO operations. World’s one of the most popular MVNO, UK-based Virgin Mobile tied up with Tata Docomo, the telecom arm of legendary Tata Group. Virgin Mobile was selling CDMA & GSM voice and CDMA data over dongles; concentrates on GSM only now – offers voice & 2G internet.

Tata Docomo has another tie up with Future Group – Talk24 Mobile (GSM). It is more like a royalty program for Future’s retail customers. We can’t say it’s flop as no confirmed data available.