Thursday, July 17, 2014

RIP, Orkut

People want change, they like it sometimes, sometimes don't. Like they did not like Microsoft's push to adopt MetroUI on desktop users.

Orkut is dead, as decided by Google. Like many unsuccessful ventures Google will kill Orkut - the undesputable king of social networking during 2006-2009. I count this timeframe 'coz I was active that time over it.

There are many memories over it - some are too personal to share. BSNL Broadband Commumity, Bangla Khisti Community, Download Community, my hype over Rapidshare downloads via (E)-lephant, lots of chat history and scraps will stay with orkut.

Whatever we moved to facebook, twitter, Google+ and others. WhatsApp was dropped to us in a perfect time when mobile revolution began.

Anyway rest in peace, Orkut!

image credit: internet
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