Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Migration to Blink-based Opera 15+ from Opera 12+ (Presto based) [Updated Regularly]

I am a long time Opera desktop user (on Android I use Dolphin) and when the company moved on to Blink from its own Presto I did not move on as Opera desktop version was a downgrade.

However next update to Opera Presto is yet to come, and company's dev team is not caring about Presto-powered version anymore. So I am starting the migration to Opera Blink today.

This is a long process, and I will update here, as soon as I made some movement.

Jump into the water

Installed Opera 18.0.1284.63, installation was straight forward and there is no issues. When you first use it, you have to learn few new things:

Open a new tab, you will find 3 options - Speed Dial, Stash and Discover. We know about Speed Dial.

Stash means where you can dump pages to read on later. [on Opera 12 I use Tab Vault]

Discover is a Flipboard-like stuff which can show you news on different categories and that's too country-specific. This feature was debuted on Opera for Android and now it is available on desktop too.
I don't find it's much useful.

Opera has its own range of extensions over there - https://addons.opera.com/extensions

With Blink under its hood, you can also install Chrome's extensions with the help of 'Download Chrome Extension' (a Opera extension), then visit Chrome Web Store. Note only extensions will work, not other apps from Chrome Web Store work on Opera.

My favorite extensions:

Though with Opera 37 there is a native adblocker in the package.
Using our native ad blocker is really simple. It’s deactivated by default, so you need to go to Settings (or Preferences on Mac) and flip the “Block ads” switch to turn it on. To activate or deactivate ad blocker for a specific website, simply click the shield icon in the address bar and flip the switch there.
The ad blocker dialog will reveal statistics showing how many ads you’re blocking on the current page and how many you’ve blocked overall. If you disable ad blocking on a website, the website is added to an exception list, which you can manage from Opera’s settings. You can click the gear icon in the pop-up to go there quickly.

Autofill is back on Opera 16

Opera Menu → Settings (Alt+P) → Manage Autofill Settings →  Add new street address, fill up your details and enjoy!!

Opera 17 allows:
Pin Tab
adding Custom Search Engine (just right click on your fav website's search place > Create Search Engine)

Opera 18: New features

Rocker gestures

Navigate back and forward between pages in a tab's history by rocking your fingers across your mouse buttons.

Tab enhancement

You can now drag tabs between open windows.

What am I missing with Opera 15+ ?
Powerful customization options on right click, Notes, Proper Bookmarking system, middle click on tab bar top open
I am coming to other points in the next writing.


Let me introduce Vivaldi - a web browser based on Chromium, but brings back the good ol' Opera feel. It is made by Vivaldi Technologies, a company founded by former co-founder and CEO of Opera, Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner. 

I used it but really liked it. However as Chromium uses each tab a seperate process, I am still stick to Opera@USB 12.15.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Android App Stores [List]

Here goes the long list of App stores available for Android:

Concentrating More on 4G & Tech Trends

This year 2014 turned to be a hectic from the beginning, hence no post on my own blog and very few posts on Telecomtalk.

However as I am getting busy with my work schedule (which actually pays me) I have planned a way-out to balance my interest and work. For some time I don't write on regular topics, rather 4G and other tech trends are my attraction on telecom space.

Photography remains one of the coolest thing in my life. I keep snapping pictures as I wander across Kolkata's streets during night. Check out on Viewbug

Get an inside on India's WiFi progess - Read it on Telecomtalk

Happy reading. :)