Monday, December 09, 2013

Chromium Variant Browsers

When I was first introduced to internet, that was over a mere 128kbps cyber cafe. Later when I moved to use internet on home, that was dial up - just 40kbps. The hunt of better browser was started that day and I soon ditched that faggot oldie Internet Explorer.

Firefox was my first of few browsers I tried that time. I also understand some browsers like Avant and Maxthon were better than IE though both are using IE's Trident engine. But when Opera goes free, I find that it is best in terms of speed and customerization.

However in 2008 Google introduced Chrome, a browser based on Chromium project, which itself uses WebKit engine. From world's most popular search engine to a software giant, Google has seen Chrome's aggressive growth across world.

Currently there are several browsers based on Chrome on Windows, and many more on MacOS and Android.

Google Chrome

Chromium Portable
Comodo Dragon
SRWare Iron
Opera (from 15+)