Friday, October 11, 2013

Google Chromebooks Arrives in India - But Stay Away from it !

Finally Google let the dogs out in India. I mean the Chromebooks. First launched in 2011, Chromebooks are the laptop run on Chrome OS. There will be two models - Acer C720 Chromebook and the HP Chromebook 14, from October 17 these will be available in Croma and Reliance Digital stores as well as on online sellers like Filpkart.

Why you should not buy a Chromebook in India?

Earlier Chromebooks were under-powered machines, but new two models arrived in India come with excellent specs. But still I don't see the future of Chromebooks in India.

1. It does not have a physical storage. All goes to Google Cloud. You will get 100GB of cloud storage with Chromebooks for 2 years.

2. No optical drive. Well that's not a big deal considering you can still save your data over USB drives.

3. You need internet whenever you use Chromebooks. The state of internet in India is really low. To upload a 10GB file it will take huge time and then you have to download it to use it. So BIG No to it.

4. With a little more cash you can get a better system.

However if you have unlimited broadband plans (8Mbps+ speed) at home with WiFi facility you can go for it.
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