Friday, July 26, 2013

LG to Deploy MediaTek's Triple SIM Technology in Optimus Smartphones in Emerging Markets - My Take

Continuing the effort to bring most suitable mobile technology for emerging markets MediaTek Inc, leading semiconductor company announced the world's first triple-SIM technology for smartphones.

LG Electronics already partners with MediaTek for the triple SIM technology - it has launched triple SIM Optimus L4II in Brazil. Brazil, another emerging country has shown the interest in multi-SIM smartphones.

3G Triple-SIM technology allows for three SIM cards to be used simultaneously - ach can receive calls, transmit data, send SMS messages and remain in standby mode concurrently without consuming excessive battery life.

A key feature of the 3G Triple-SIM solution is its high level of stability, which prevents the occurrence of dropped or poor-quality calls, and reaffirms MediaTek's reputation as the leading producer of multi-SIM chipset technologies.

"MediaTek has long provided state-of-art solutions for multi-SIM mobile devices. 3G triple-SIM is yet another example of that," says Brian Kwon, Head of Product Planning Group from LG Electronics. "Thanks to its groundbreaking technology, our new smartphones will significantly expand the connectivity options of our customers, and in so doing allow them to take advantage of multiple tariff plans."

"In many emerging markets, multi-SIM support has become an absolute requirement. By creating a comprehensive total solution packed with premium features and advanced technologies, MediaTek is not only catering to end-user needs, but also attracting the attention of the world's tier-one device makers," says Jeffrey Ju, GM of MediaTek's Smartphone Business Unit. "With our long line of exciting new products in the works, we expect to bring many more affordable-premium mobile device solutions to emerging markets and others in the near future."

My Take:

In India the multi SIM environment is eroding for some time, and dual SIM smartphones cater quite good for the customers. Triple SIM Android smartphones mean it will consume more power - each phone should have atleast 3000 mAh battery to support three signals at a time. Also people are now not bothered with more and more SIMs. We welcome MediaTek's technological advances. LG took this opportunity to take a pie in Brazilian market with triple SIM Optimus L4 II smartphone but if they are launching it in India - try to modify the rule - 2 GSM SIM slot and 1 CDMA RUIM slot as CDMA here works cheap on voice and data. Also there is no details about the SIM slot sizes - are they regular sized or mini or micro slots?
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