Friday, July 26, 2013

LG to Deploy MediaTek's Triple SIM Technology in Optimus Smartphones in Emerging Markets - My Take

Continuing the effort to bring most suitable mobile technology for emerging markets MediaTek Inc, leading semiconductor company announced the world's first triple-SIM technology for smartphones.

LG Electronics already partners with MediaTek for the triple SIM technology - it has launched triple SIM Optimus L4II in Brazil. Brazil, another emerging country has shown the interest in multi-SIM smartphones.

3G Triple-SIM technology allows for three SIM cards to be used simultaneously - ach can receive calls, transmit data, send SMS messages and remain in standby mode concurrently without consuming excessive battery life.

A key feature of the 3G Triple-SIM solution is its high level of stability, which prevents the occurrence of dropped or poor-quality calls, and reaffirms MediaTek's reputation as the leading producer of multi-SIM chipset technologies.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

MTS India : Codes & Helpline Numbers

* Applicable in Kolkata & WB.
These numbers may work in other circles too, but check with customer care.

  • Know your SPECIAL OFFER before recharging MTS Mblaze.SMS MYOFFER space(eg: MYOFFER 91XXXXXXXX) n send it to 9153551555 from ur alternate number
  • Travelling outstation? Find hotels and restaurants near you, get a convenience, Find Cabs Also. Simply dial 54422 from your MTS Mobile Toll Free.
  • Search for best Mobiles, Computers, Jobs, restaurants, Car, Taxi, Travel, Laptop, household items, Packers & Movers, property etc. Call 54422 TOLL FREE.

MTS HELPLINE [text to 155]
HELP to 155

ACC fr account info
BAL fr balance
VDET fr vas details
SR fr complaint status
PACK fr different packs
M2MP fr onnet packs
LOCALP fr local packs
SMSP fr sms packs
ISDP fr isd packs
BRO fr showrooms
VAS fr value added services
RC fr recharges
DND fr do not disturb

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Personal Talk: Windows 8.1, WP8 & Opera 15

I know lots of things regarding housekeeping of personal computers and laptops and my friends often ask me to solve their problems with Windows. I still run Windows XP on my 7-year old desktop and my lappy runs on Windows 7 (I skipped Win Vista completely); sometimes I install Ubuntu on the laptop and often it is removed soon after specially due to its poor multimedia support comes by default.

However for last 1 month I found that a lot of people (mostly of my college friends and medical professionals) are buying laptops with Windows 8 and the real problem starts here. These guys do believe in brands and to them Sony and Dell are the choice of laptops while they never heard of Asus, Acer or Lenovo. Don't call me faggot as I spend time with these tech-retards!