Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Advantages & Disadvantages of BSNL’s ADSL broadband & Cable Broadband Services

This table was actually made long time back, I found it on my old writings. However I find this is good one to share. That’s why it is posted.  

 Broadband is going to be a basic need for people, though most people in India like the mobile broadband it is the wireline broadband that can really push the boundaries.  

In Kolkata for last 2-3 years some local ISP are providing services, like Alliance, Meghbela, Citi Cable, WishNet, Get Broadband, Kailash etc. There is similar trend in other cities too like in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bengaluru etc, Hyderabad has Beam Broadband, Bengaluru has RailTel.    

Here go advantages & disadvantages of BSNL’s ADSL broadband & Cable Broadband services:
BSNL Broadband Cable Broadband (Meghbela, Alliance etc)
ADSL/VDSL/Fiber (in few areas) Cable
Wide coverage Area wise coverage in pockets
Dynamic IP for home users Everytime you connect, IP changes Disconnect > Reconnect = Good for downloading from file hosting sites Static IP One IP is allotted for your PC No such advantages
Hack prone, your username & password can be leaked and used by others. Username-password may require, but MAC address verification means it can not be hacked.
Just plug the RJ-45 cord from modem to laptop or PC, and set up dial up connection. You are ready to connect. As LAN card’s MAC address is required for authentication, whenever you want switching not possible just that way, Best is to use a WiFi router.
Sometimes disconnection problem persists Such issues are almost nil.
Unlimited plans sucks bigtime as BSNL wants to follow Airtel Broadband Most of them are unlimited plans + night speed upgrade + Peering speed starting from 5 Mbps to ~80Mbps
Customer care over the phone sucks. Local exchanges can be a help if officials are good. CC over phone may be good. But service depends on local cable walas. Make good rapport with them to get good services