Friday, March 08, 2013

UCWEB - The Issues I Faced

If you are on mobile internet, you probably heard of UCWeb browser. It claims to be the most popular browser in India on mobile front. I used it for around a week and I find it not so good.

I believe that the claim is not correct that it is India's most popular mobile browser.

Issues I faced:

1. I could not log in to facebook, as it redirects the traffic via Chinese servers and compresses the data, results in faster webpage loading (which is good, and similar to Opera Turbo) but as the IP recorded by Facebook is a Chinese IP facebook believes that it's not me and starts verification of my account.

2. As many requests go via the same IP, Google search comes with a captcha added. That means everytime I search, I have to type the captha!!

Though Opera uses same technology and it has several servers across the globe and several IPs are there, Opera Turbo or Opera Mini do not have such problems. I recommend UCWeb for using general websites, 'coz it is pretty fast.

Well the data compression is getting momentum, as Google Chrome is going to use it very soon.
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