Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sharing My Android Xp

  • It says you are not smart unless you use 3G/WiFi on your smartphone. But with 2G you can do email, facebook and twitter with ease. 3G/4G/WiFi is for those are into video!
  • Google Play Store may take long time when I am on 2G :(
  • Are you fear about Rooting of your device? Don't worry it is like removing block to access your system32 folder on Windows. Most rooting programs offer unroot - it is necessary if you are going to claim free warranty.
  • Vanilla flavor of Android is best on all devices, but don't try launchers on your 512 MB RAM running devices - too slow! Samsung's TouchWiz is ok, just ok on low end devices. 
  • If you change your Android devices too frequently, get the .apk (similar to Windows' .exe) from other sites. [Or root your device to get the apk]
  • How to get apk files on your rooted device - under mnt/asec or data/app. Recommended app to go this folder and copy to other folder - Root Explorer/Total Commander.

Will be updated!
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