Saturday, March 09, 2013

How to Configure Internet Settings on Unlocked MTS MTag Smartphones

If you are looking for cheap, entry-level CDMA Android smartphones, you simply can not ignore MTS India's MTag series. The imported CDMA smartphones are pricey - most of them are over 10,000 bucks. So what if you have decided to burn the pocket less - unlocked MTag smartphones can be your best buy.

Now there are several MTag phones available - MTag Livewire (resistive touch= obsolete), MTag 3.1, MTag 351, MTag 352, MTag 401, MTag 353, MTag 281.

Though MTag 401 and MTag 353 are my choice, till now I didn't find any unlocked variant of them appeared over online - ebay or other sites.

But MTag 3.1, 351 and 352 are available on Truly speaking MTag 3.1 is now replaced by MTag 351 and 352 - both are available for Rs 4,000 around. NB: MTag 352 is better than MTag 351 on performance.

Default MTS Internet settings:

Default MTS MMS settings:

In all above pics - password is 'MTS'. Note that MMS is quite uncommon on CDMA. And basically you don't need MMS in today when facebooks, whatsapp are there.

You don't have to edit all settings while you are putting Reliance or Tata OMH RUIM cards on these unlocked smartphones. For eg I presents Reliance CDMA Data settings:

Name: R CDMA
APN: #777
Username: net
Password: net
Data bearer: Package Data
Prompt password: #777

Don't try to change MCC and MNC - changing them will not allow you to save a new profile/APN on the phone. Also don't touch other settings.

I did not find a simple way to unlock MTag phones, also locked MTag phones are priced at Rs 5,000 while unlocked ones are available for Rs 3999. So better buy unlocked ones and use them with Reliance/Tata/Virgin/MTNL/BSNL OMH RUIMs to get HSD/HSIA/EVDO (high speed mobile internet) as well as voice calls.
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